Drox Operative v1.027 Patch
optimized local networking stuff some (5-33% speed up in tests)
changed from critical sections to recursive mutexes on mac (10-20% speed up in tests)
now on Mac if any pthread_mutex init call fails use old CriticalSection stuff instead
sped up StatusEffectAtFriendlyPlanet stuff some
made a lot of getDatabaseEntry calls faster (added hints)
now don't do a lot of Sentient::regen if stats are already maxed
added unique monster killed, scout killed, renegade killed, hunter killed, and assassin killed dialog to planets
added attack repelled, rescue died, rescue, boss, planet destroyed by race, planet destroyed by monsters, and player death dialog to planets
fixed a memory leak (84KB) in Database::createDatabaseEntry
fixed a memory leak (80B) in UIRelationsMenu::buildSubMenuPowerCompare
fixed a memory leak (small, continual) in ClientData::updateEntitiesToDelete
fixed a memory leak (small, continual) in ActorCovenant::addToKnowledge
fixed a memory leak (16B) in World::removeEntity
fixed a memory leak (small, continual) in Item::build
fixed a memory leak (100B per level per sector) in Level::generateBackground
fixed planet scan time in sectors above level 100 (Tuidjy)
fixed monsters not spawning correctly above level 130 (Tuidjy)
now free a bunch of GameShared stuff better
now free a bunch of RelationsMenu better
now shut down main menu game when closing app
rearranged shutdown order to free memory better
should no longer spawn tech in sectors that are above level 100 (Tuidjy)
fixed Reaper and Infection on Shipyard screen (Tuidjy)
fixed lights on stations not sorting correctly (ScrObot) (IotA)
fixed some quest messages not appearing any more
help text now draws with backdrop so a little easier to read, especially when it goes over component icon (Steve)
now show race name in assassin quest title (Tuidjy)
now show race in resurrect race quest title (Tuidjy) (IotA)
fixed some typos in Reaper and Infection descriptions (Tuidjy)