Drox Operative v1.030 Patch
all subraces (except 3 monsters) are now playable once unlocked - 5 extra starting attributes, 10% per point boost, different race slots (IotA)
decreased Doom SpawnChance from 4.9 to 2.0 (IotA)
Nemato and Storm will now attack each other (IotA)
Ascarid will now attack Schism, Pulse, Backlash, and Patchwork Legion ships (IotA)
increased doom missile multiplier from 4.0 to 6.0 (IotA)
doubled radiation damage from Quake, Limax, and Grudge
increased chances of quests carrying over across sectors (IotA)
fixed level of ships like rebels (Tuidjy)
made planet population/health stuff more consistent
planet health now uses difficulty multipliers just like ships (DoomAngelBlade)
missiles now have an automatic 25% bonus to attack
can now get AI crew
fixed a rare complicated crash when Backlash fight Ascarid (IotA)
now emerged subraces, monster, and ancient races can be eliminated from the galaxy again (Tuidjy) (IotA)
now have quality variations of crew equipment
now system and sector map scrollbars are separate
added race emerged message (IotA)
now auto detect starting resolution better on Mac
now show mark level of component in space and in inventory before identfying it (Evan)
fixed light on Scavenger Titan (Tuidjy) (IotA)
fixed zombie shader on planets (Tyrax Lightning)
fixed player thrusters volume (DarthNihilus)
added Marines full help topic (Steve)
added vendor specialties full help topic (Steve)
added to Nemato description (IotA)
added to Ascarid description (IotA)
added to Doom description (IotA)
added to Wrecker description (IotA)
now show race in unleash boss (supplies) quest title (Tuidjy) (IotA)
Causes: Stealth is now localized correctly (DarthNihilus)
"Can't use for another X seconds" is now localized correctly (DarthNihilus)
removed danger level stuff from reaper and infection subraces (IotA)
changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 29
changed saveVersion to 150