Combat Mission: Fortress Italy v1.12 Patch
The v1.12 patch MUST be installed into the same directory where the full version of the game resides. The patch installer will attempt to select the correct default for you, and warn you if it thinks it's not where it should be, but if you moved the game files manually, or on certain systems, this automatic selection may not be 100% fail safe. Please doublecheck the installation location BEFORE installing the patch and make sure that you are installing into the correct directory.

After installing the patch correctly, you will NOT be required to activate the game. If you are being asked to activate your game after installing the patch, then the patch executed incorrectly.

Save games from earlier versions ARE COMPATIBLE with v1.12, provided that you save your turn-based games in the COMMAND phase (not the replay phase) before updating.

Due to the potential of conflicts with earlier game Mods, we strongly advise uninstalling any mods prior to installing this Game patch.

Generally improved graphics, including FPS and quality improvements, and better support for faster video cards
Bridge navigation problems corrected
ATG issues when setting up near walls and bocage corrected
AA guns can no longer incorrectly limber near walls and bocage
Passenger vulnerability in soft skinned vehicles increased
German halftrack gunners lowered to a more accurate protective stance
Vehicles using Pause do not have accuracy reduced as if they are still moving
PIAT max range reduced to 180m
"Ditch Contours" feature
TO&E changes:
Italian HMG ammo bearers now carry HMG ammunition again.
British Infantry Branch now has a Forward Observer Section available for purchase in Quick Battles.
Polish now have Stuart (Recce) available in recce platoons for armoured regiments.
Polish Sherman variants availability adjusted: Sherman I removed, Sherman III (early) added. Note that this change will not affect existing scenarios.
Canadian Sherman variants availability adjusted: only the Sherman V is available to armoured regiments, while the Sherman II exclusively equips the armoured recce regiments. Note that this change will not affect existing scenarios.
Canadians Mech Infantry branch option for Quick Battles is no longer available before February 1944.
Various minor bug fixes

New to CMFI:
* All light antitank weapons (e.g. bazookas) may fire from buildings, but most types will cause suppression and occasional light wounds to their owners from backblast. PIATs do not cause this problem.
* Buttoned-up armored vehicles spot enemies to their flanks less effectively.
* Armored vehicles have dramatically increased aim times for weapons when fired at extremely close range, making it easier for infantry to close assault.
* Map editor elevation changes can be "sharp" by holding the control key when clicking tile elevations. This allows the creation of realistic ditch contours.
* SMGs are less eager to fire at long ranges.
* Foot path terrain type added.
* Ammo bearer teams generally use their weapons only at shorter ranges.
* Computer player may use "Ambush Armor" plans.
* Improved UI display for timing of preplanned artillery missions also indicates what delay would be after the battle begins.
* When a team needs ammo from nearby comrades, it always looks to ammo bearer teams first.
* Small ordnance is less effective at destroying bridges.
* Group commands at a final waypoint work correctly.
* Minefield types display correctly.
* Better vertical organization of floating icons when units are crowded together.
* Dragging a waypoint automatically cancels any attached targeting order (prevents a gamey problem).
* Fog looks better.
* On-map 88mm flak guns no longer allowed to fire indirectly (trajectory is too flat).
* Improved calculation of damage from anti-vehicle mines.

Mortars work better with the Target Briefly command.
Target Briefly command works when attached to waypoints.
Corrected a problem with marking mines making a unit get 'stuck'.
Breda M30 LMG reloads more slowly.
Breda M37 MMG reloads more quickly.
Easier to delete old saved games.
Minor corrections to soldier uniform details.
Clear Target command key is user-configurable.
Fixed a trick that allowed mortars to retain existing LOF after moving to a blocked position.
Driver is shown in the PSW 233.
M3 GMC and T30 halftracks correctly move a crewman to replace a howitzer gunner casualty.
TacAI makes better decisions about using HE vs. HEAT against building area targets.
Renault R35 shows correct icon for coaxial MG.
Corrections to small-arms ammo inside Italian bunkers.
Corrected an issue that allowed mortars to estimate range-to-target correctly too easily when changing targets.
Corrected crash bugs at the end game screen, and the command key configuration screen.
On-map artillery makes proper use of smoke ammunition carried by nearby bearers and vehicles.
Fixed a problem that caused buddy aid occasionally to adopt the targeting orders of the fallen comrades.
Small explosions cause less damage to vehicle tracks.
Corrected a small problem that showed the wrong time length for some battles in the loading screen.
Corrected a small problem with the command and control icons just after a squad is split.
Updated shaders.
Small corrections to models for Sdkfz 231 and 233.
Corrected a problem with corner handling in the scenario editor's automatic linear terrain tool.
fixed QB map issues fixed, including AI enemy not moving quickly enough
some Meeting Engagement maps were re-balanced.