Pacific Fighters v.3.03 (3.03m) over v3.01 (3.01m)

The current version 3.03 (3.03m) is not compatible with the previous versions of the game when playing via network. Both the server and client must have appropriate versions of the game in order to connect.

For your convenience we’ve introduced different version numbers for the stand-alone installation and the joint FB+AEP+PF install.
3.03 – for stand alone PF
3.03m – for FB+AEP+PF
And of course, the versions 3.03 and 3.03m are not compatible with each other playing via network.

Notes on the Patch Installation

This 3.03 patch may be installed over the previous 3.01 version. The 3.03m version can only be installed over the merged PF 3.01m install.

To install the patch, run
1) Stand alone PF: PF_patch303_over301.exe and follow the on-screen instructions.

2) Merget install FB+AEP+PF: PF_patch303m_over301exe and follow the on-screen instructions.

Notice: The new method tested in 3.01 and 3.02 need more work for protection of cheaters. So currently we release such exe file only for dedicated server.

Notice: the main purpose of this patch

The version 3.03 makes compatible online all the language versions that are released or coming soon in several countries.

Main modifications and fixes

3D models

1. More inaccuracies in cockpit gauges are corrected (however still several cockpit changes with some levers and indicators will be available only in the add-on with new planes later).
2. Corrected many minor glitches.

New objects:

1. Static smokes
2. Static fires
3. Static airfield electric lights

FM and aircraft performance

1. Additional minor individual tuning of flight models and aircraft performance were made.
2. Reworked physics model of automatic multi-stage supercharger (most visible result - on FW-190A/F, P-51s and some others).

Other improvements:

1. Multiplay: Corrected on client side the ships damaged. Corrected respawn method for more than one carriers on the map at once.
2. Improved visibility of some ships, vehicles and columns.
3. Additional fixes for dynamic campaign.
4. Corrected external tanks on Spitfire IX and Spitfire VIII
5. Corrected loadout for Seafire
6. Corrected bomb racks for Spitfire IX
7. Corrected several non-destructable vehicles
8. Corrected compass of P-38s

Suggestions and Bug Repots

Please send all suggestions and bug reports regarding Pacific Fighters to

Please send all bug reports relating Dynamic campaign (DGen and NGen) separately to