RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 v1.2 US/EU Patch
New/improved features

1. Major improvements to the 'Fireworks Mixmaster'
-Can now set the playback start position, so fireworks later on in a display can be tested without having to wait for the rest of the display to finish.
-If music is being used with a fireworks display, the MixMaster displays a waveform showing a preview of the music.
-Can 'drag' the playback start position bar to 'scrub' the music - i.e. hear the sound at that point on the timeline.
-Can press Space to play or pause the MixMaster.
-MixMaster now adds extra tracks depending on how many are in use.
-Firework effects are now saved inside firework displays, so players can include custom firework effects but don't need to distribute the .frw files.
-Firework effects list is now scrollable, to allow for long custom firework lists

2. Added "Low friction" tickbox to tracked rides. This is automatically ticked when importing an RCT1/2 coaster. Running costs are slightly increased when this option is enabled. Also increased effect of "Andrew Thomas" cheat, to be in line with the "Low friction" option.

3. Added "Synchronize all stalls of this type" tickbox to stalls. When enabled, stall item/extra details are automatically copied to other stalls of the same type whenever necessary.

4. Added ability to set date and climate type in Scenario Editor.

5. Improved decision logic for handling groups who want to go home, particularly in cases where the park was closed then re-opened.

6. Added tendency of people to consider going home after being in the park for a long time, even if they are still happy and have plenty of money. (To help scenarios in which money is made from the park entry fee)

7. Added tooltips for guest list window tab buttons for non-English languages, and show happiness icons in individual guest list window.

8. Improved Park Inspector behaviour, particularly regarding reports of inaccessible rides when paths do not connect (eg in "A National Treasure").

9. Increased reliability benefit given by performing maintenance on a ride, particularly if the mechanic is trained.

10.In scenarios where money is unlimited, when a staff member is hired, automatically give them maximum training and wages.

11.Increased staff happiness/laziness benefits resulting from training.

12.Put a limit on staff laziness, which varies depending on how highly paid and trained the staff member is.

13.Changed so that staff do not quit if they have any training.

14.Tweaks to open/test/close buttons to make the behaviour closer to RCT2:
- If ride is testing, and test button is clicked again, trains will be reset and testing will restart.
- If ride is closed, and close button is clicked again, trains will be removed from the ride.

15.Made the VIP condition "wants to visit a themed area" easier to satisfy.

16. Show a confirmation dialog box if the user clicks on an attraction's delete button.

17.Increased braking force for Stratacoaster.

18.Increased amount that cars on water rides speed up when going down slopes, and adjusted speed of Splash Boats and River Rapids.

19.Increased max train length for Suspended Swinging Car.

20.Added powered launch for Twister coasters.

21.Increased max cars per train for swinging coaster car.

22.Decreased probability of larger Peep groups being created.

23.Adjusted temperature numbers above/below which peeps complain about heat/cold.

24.Removed 'Reflect Background' option from Display Options (so now the background at least will always be reflected).

Bug/Problem Fixes

1. Fixed some rotating coaster cars (eg Virginia Reel) sometimes not rendering properly.

2. Fixed occasional problem with overlapping trains.

3. Some people have found slow-downs on certain high spec machines. We have found (and fixed) a complex interaction between certain sound cards and graphic cards. We are continuing to look for other possible causes of slow-down.

4. Fixed peep numbers counter sometimes reporting fewer peeps in the park than there really are - caused by groups changing their minds about leaving at the park exit (includes fix for Peeps sometimes stuck at entrance).

5. Wooden coasters from RCT1 now import correctly, rather than as Spiral Coasters.

6. Removed a small memory leak (becomes apparent if some parks are left running overnight).

In addition there are some general speed-ups in the update that should help everyone to some extent. There are extra little tweaks too