Natural Selection v3.0
March 3rd, 2005

Gameplay changes
O Aliens have innate regeneration at a rate of 2% per second, this regeneration will always heal at least 1 point of health or armor and adds to healing from Defense Chambers or Hives, but doesn't 'stack' with Regeneration.
O Alien upgrades no longer cost resources.
O Gestating to skulk cost no resource points anymore.
O Sieges no longer damage players (damage against structures has been adjusted to stay consistent with previous versions).
O Turrets now priorise players over structures.
O Offense Chambers now priorise players over structures.
O Parasite now takes precedence over Scent of Fear on Hive Sight (allows players to see that their Parasite hit when using SOF to help teammates track enemies).
O Bile Bomb's range has been increased by 15%.
O Cat-pack cost has been reduced from 4 to 3 resource points.
O Marines near Sensory chambers show up as if detected by Scent of Fear.
O Acid rocket now does double damage to armor.
O Fades can now blink off ladders.

O Major changes to the alien cloaking upgrade:
- Players moving faster than walking pace will gradually become more visible the faster they move, but only to a max visibility of 30%.
- Players using Cloaking upgrade will no longer be fully visible at any time unless attacking or being attacked.
- You have to wait 3 seconds after uncloaking before you begin to cloak again.
- Turrets will not fire at slow moving aliens (-> players with less than 10% visibility).
- Increased visibility for aliens moving at greater than normal moving speed (bunnyhopping, gliding, etc.).

O Changed Scan cost from 25 to 20 energy units.
O Changed default combat game time to 15 minutes.
O Combat scan is now triggered by partially cloaked aliens. Note: Scan 'fires' every 3 seconds, so there is a window in which a fast alien can still close the distance.
O Combat scan deploy time halved to 0.25 seconds.
O Alien flashlight tweaks: marines in the alien's field of view are now lit up just like friendly structures and players.
O Shotgun range begins to fall off at 500 units, and is then reduced by 1% for every 2 further units, resulting in no damage after 700 units, to stop shotgun sniping.
O Alien respawn time reduced for teams larger than 6. As the number of hives increase, this time is increased, so at 3 hives there is no difference from respawn rate at 6 players.
O Combat wavespawn now takes a 5 seconds plus 2 seconds for every dead player, up to a maximum of 13 seconds.

Game mechanics
O Fixed a bug that would lead to valid weapons being 'redded out' (showing up as disabled).

O Waypoint system changes:
- Group waypoints will now act like personal waypoints for each player (so when you reach the waypoint, it disappears for you, while remaining for all other players).
- Reduced the size of the waypoint icons slightly.
- Added 'weld target at waypoint' support for players and structures.
- Added 'defend target' support for players and structures.

O If you are within 600 units of a marine spawn location, you will not be transported in by Distress Beacon.
O Added 'notready' command to reverse ready status in tournament mode.
O Equipment, med-packs, ammo-packs, etc. can again be dropped directly on players.
O Allowed item placement near resource towers.
O Made scanner sweeps deployable everywhere.
O Added a build restriction radius of 16,50 units around marines.
O Fixed a bug where a hive could not be dropped over a chamber.
O Changed player minimum build distance to the structure from 20 to 30 units.
O Knife knockback has been removed.
O Knockback from attacks reduced to 1/3 for ducking players on the ground.
O Tweaked xenocide/gore pushback behavior to eliminate weird flying marines and deaths by worldspawn.
O Limited how fast a player can re-join a team from readyroom. 3 seconds must pass before re-joining the game.
O Players no longer join a team in the 'dead' state.
O Recycling IP now triggers change of marine status in queue.
O A Phase Gate bug that allowed for the fast transportation of numerous marines has been fixed.
O Each Phase Gate now throttles the rate at which marines depart from it - One marine every 0.8 seconds.
O 'Pancake' prevention code. Limit on vertical component of lerk flight velocity to maximally 1000 units per tick upwards and 1200 down.
O Mines now do damage when the player who planted them leaves the team.
O You can no longer scan for free using hotgroups on observatories.
O Fixed bug where resupply wasn't effective for HMG or pistol. A resupplied weapon will never reload to less than a full clip.
O Changed the health bar around structures to more acurately reflect its health. Full bar is now exactly 100% health, empty bar is 0%.
O Reset room_type to 0 after being digested to avoid sound issue.
O Fixed bug that makes dead marines show up with a red health segment in the healthbar.
O Commander hints will not play if cl_autohelp is set to 0.
O Recycling observatories will no longer uncloak aliens.
O Set minimum time for alien gestations to one second to avoid instant gestation in combat.
O Fixed the 'research transfer' exploit.
O Fixed the 'late join timer' exploit.
O Fixed exploit where structures could be dropped near marines in water to avoid building restrictions.
O Hive Sight no longer draws the player we are spectating.

Cosmetic changes:
O New medpack (thanks Brigadierwolf!).
O New ammo clips (thanks Brigadierwolf!).
O New hand grenade (thanks Brigadierwolf!).
O Added Heavy Armor falling sound.
O Gave each alien a unique landing sound.
O Updated Jetpack sound.
O Updated LMG clip out and clip in sounds.
O Updated Pistol reload sounds.
O Reverted LMG firing sound back to sound from beta 4.
O Updated welder idle sound to be more obvious when not welding anything.
O Replaced raindrop sprites.
O Added a "player joined team" messages to HUD.
O Team join sounds now only play for the team joined.
O Increased volume of welder hiss when target is not being welded.
O Updated cat-pack commander menu icons to provide a consistent interface.
O Friendly parasited players no longer show up in hive sight, and are no longer notified that they are parasited (Parasite still does FF damage though).
O Added a separate sprite for parasited enemy structures (thanks gazz0zz!).
O Hive locations now always appears on Hive Sight.
O Unbuilt hives use a different sprite for easy detection.
O Commander Station always shows as closed in combat maps.
O Changed Hive Sight sprites to be better discernable for color-blind players (thanks JazzX!).
O Implemented third person reload animations.
O Added slightly tweaked xenocide charge and explosion sounds.
O Animations for the egg model now play, they were broken.
O New medpack skin and icons (thanks Supernorn!)
O Added all-new hivehealth indicators for the alien HUD.
O alien_hivedying2.wav now plays.
O Recycling Phase Gates are no longer visually active.
O Phase Gates don't light up until they have a valid destination.
O Included cool colored minimaps (thanks JazzX!).
O Updated tooltips.
O Jetpacked marines now show up as 'JETPACK' on the scoreboard.
O Unavailable alien upgrades are now grayed out in the pop-up menu.
O Voice comms can now be used during game start.
O Added a new, sanely-sized bilebomb model.

Map changes:
O Added co_niveus by drath

O Added ns_eon by Olmy

O co_angst
- Completely reworked center area of map
- Increased brightness in landing gear zone
- Fixed several onos stuck issues
- Various other changes around the map

O co_core (updates by Merkaba)
- New ready room
- New light in hive
- New vent between hive area and upper marine start exit

O co_daimos
- Full visual rework

O co_faceoff
- Widened vents near marine start
- Changed geometry behind comm chair to be more accessible
- Hive can no longer be shot by jetpackers sitting in the side vents
- Fixed performance issues

O co_pulse
- Added a ramp to the hive room

O co_sava
- Increased brightness level
- Added cover in most rooms
- Added more vents
- Reworked the hive room
- Tweaked some areas to allow easier Onos movement

O ns_altair
- Added vent from Omega to Zeta with two exits into Phi
- Massive Optimizations
- New Surface Umbilical
- Redid Upper MS
- New Monitor Textures by Samejima
- Covered up pit in Omega
- Custom minimap with vents marked in red
- Removed Diving Tanks
- Connected Nanite Regulation to Settling Tanks
- Connected Settling Tanks to Communications
- Retextured Vents to be easier to distinguish
- Removed door weldable
- Added new vent weldables
- Moved Parts Room rt to Sigma Test Site
- Added new info_locations to help with navigation
- Played with HLRAD settings to increase brightness
- Added more light into sewer
- Combined Station Monitoring and Sub Bay nodes into one
- Divided sub bay into two rooms, Sub Bay and Sub Refueling
- Removed upper hallway between Life Support and Parts Room
- Reopened route between Lower Sub Bay and Parts room

O ns_bast
- The broken door in MS is now closed
- Marines have to go through Main Aft again to get to Engine
- Added infestation in Refinery to block the line of sight to the hive from the ramp entrance
- Added some cover in Refinery
- Reworked and renamed Docking Storage (it's called Reactor Core Regulation now)
- Removed one node from Atmospheric Processing
- Moved column in Atmospheric Processing more to the center
- Added vent from Engine to Water Treatment
- Added vent between Feedwater and Steam Generation
- Widened the corridor outside feedwater

O ns_eclipse
- Redesigned marine spawn to a 1.0 / 3.0 mix
- Moved horseshoe RT to T-junction
- Added new vents to KeyHole
- Moved maintenance RT
- Added pillars to eclipse hive to prevent spawn camping
- Made it easier to get on top of eclipse hive
- Added vent from eclipse -> triad
- Redesigned power sub junction

O ns_hera
- Moved data core delta node into hive room
- General bug fixes/cosmetic improvements
- Onos can now leave through back door of delta hive (oops!).
- Outside now has proper light level
- Restricted movement outside even more so gorges can't build on tube
- Skulks cannot climb the cliff walls or sky anymore. (might be slightly unaccurate - skulks are still able to stick to the ceiling but only if they manage to get through a trigger_push pushing them away with a force of 2000 units.)
- Hanger bay doors now openable/closable (again). Added a twist whereby for a short moment (3 secs) when opening/closing, onoses aren't able to pass through.
- A few general clipnode improvements
- Minimap Sprite updated (sorry for not including that before)
- Removed Systems and Fog Corridor nodes.
- Fog Corridor now has a weld to turn on lights
- Made the CC area more open/acessible to help alien attacks.
- Minor bug fixes
- Lighting returned to previous states
- Fixed marine start door

O ns_metal
- General updates

O ns_nothing
- Sped up and fixed all elevators
- Elevators can no longer be permanently blocked by players or structures
- Widened most vents
- Fixed several ladders to improve Onos navigability
- Fixed railings in Ominous Kismet and improved general navigability of the area
- Several trivial bug fixes

O ns_tanith
- Fixed ramp in Central Access tunnels
- Added structures to Waste and Satcom hives to reduce spawncamping
- Added a vent between Satcom and Acidic Solution resource node
- Fixed bugs with ceiling architecture in Fusion Reactor hive

O ns_veil
- Fixed cargo -> double res vent
- Added cover to outside of cargo
- Changes to vent from dome/pipeline -> cargo
- Redesigned pipeline hive
- c12 connections changed
- Redesigned areas directly surrounding pipeline
- Visual changes to marine spawn
- Vent from pipeline -> c12