NVIDIA 71.84 WHQL Drivers for Windows XP/2000
This following are changes made and issues resolved since driver version 67.66:

• Flat panel native resolution 1680x1050 is not displayed correctly. 1680x1050 and 1366x768 resolutions for flat panels are now supported.
• GeForce 6 Series: Skills menu and hotkey bar are corrupt in the game World of Warcraft.
• GeForce 6 Series: When performing 4:3 PanScan of VMR7 or VMR9 DVD playback, the screen does not pan nor is the screen centered.
• SLI Cards: The game Lock On Modern Air Combat has rendering issues with SLI mode enabled.
• GeForce4 Ti/GeForce 6800: Command and Conquer: Generals has corruption when both antialiasing is enabled in the NVIDIA control panel and in-game image quality is set to ʺHighʺ.
• GeForce 6800: Code Creatures Benchmark shows screen corruption at 1600x1200x32 with 8x antialiasing enabled.
• GeForce 6 Series, SLI: The opening cinematics in the game Ground Control 2 are corrupted.
• GeForce 6600: Minor flickering in Return of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory when antialiasing is enabled at high resolutions.
• GeForce 6800: NHL 2005 has screen corruption when antialiasing is enabled at 1600x1200 resolution.
• GeForce 6 Series: Water in Half-Life 2 has vertical banding.
• GeForce 6800: The screen flashes when playing the game Tron 2.0 with 3D stereo enabled.
• When playing Star Wars Republic Commando:
• There might be graphical corruption or tearing when clicking Apply after adjusting options in the Graphics Options menu.
• The computer may reboot during the prologue.
• The game may crash to the desktop while playing the game, or when quitting from the in-game pause menu when Squad Shadows are enabled in the Graphics Options menu.