Act of War: Direct Action Patch #2
This patch adds the following features to the retail version:

NAT NEGOTIATION: if you are behind a router that supports NAT negotiation (the majority of all routers, but not all), you will not need to manually forward incoming data traffic to a specific port. (You may still need to configure your firewall; we can't really override that.)
REPLAY OPTION: by selecting "Save replay" on the end-game screen of an Engagement, LAN or Online game, you can save a replay of the game for future viewing through the LOAD > LOAD REPLAY menu. (If you accidentally skip the save step, before launching a new game, you can also go into the folder "AOWReplayLast", and copy the three files "AutoMovie.rpl", "AutoMovie.sad" and "AutoMovie.sav" to its parent folder. They will now be available in the LOAD REPLAY menu under the name "AutoMovie"; the files can be renamed in Windows.)

In addition, this patch addresses some issues discovered in the retail build:

Fixed issue which caused BlackHawk helicopters not to pick up heavily wounded soldiers if they had a queued command.
Fixed crash when you sold a Stealth Armor Lab.
Fixed issue where more than 8 Construction units could be queued to be deployed at an HQ.
Fixed issue where infantry could get killed from walking into a construction footprint.
Fixed issue where upgrade options for Strykers and AK-74 soldiers would sometimes be incorrectly disabled due to lack of funds.
Fixed issue where non-combattants wouldn't respond to keyboard shortcut for Repatriation.
Fixed issue which allowed you to override normal power limits by queueing construction actions.
Fixed issue which would sometimes cause vehicles exiting a Repair Depot to get stuck.
Fixed issue where audio would sometime continue to play when game was minimized.
Improved stability when the user's PC is locked while game is still running (may still cause problems in certain cases; we advise you to always save your game before locking your PC).
Updated Credits with Atari Europe.
Disabled Continue Campaign button if you have already finished the Campaign.
Added warning that you'll spoil the story if you're skipping ahead in the campaign.
Fixed miscellaneous text glitches.
Fixed miscellaneous stability issues.

Additional notes:

Please note that if you host an online or LAN game with one or more A.I.-controller players, these A.I.-controlled players will not be migrated to a new host if the original host is disconnected or leaves the game.
In the Online menu, under certain circumstances your own chat messages will not be displayed correctly. We are working on resolving this issue.