Silent Heroes v1.0b
Added: 1.0b-changes:

-=[ 1.0b ]=- {Public Build: 2005-04-23 00:58}
- Fixed: Mod.dll-issue with game.rfa and globalspawnids.
- Fixed: Gboat's window and trees.
- Fixed: Missing texture on Chus_butik.


Silentheroes 1.0

Major Changes:
- 1 New map, SH Bocage - all the action, all the mayhem.
- A new Swedish regiment, 'HV', for Swedish side. Can be found on map Myren.
- New models of all AG3 and AK5-versions, aswell as the brand new AK4-set.
- The Norwegians finally recieved their HK79 grenadelaunchers for the AG3.
- New additions to the vehicle-GUI.
- Control over Tunnelvision has been put in the hands of the server-owners! Toggle the redudant server-setting game.serverCrossHairCenterPoint 0/1
- All ironsights now blurred to improve visual focus on the targets ahead of you!

Small Changes:
- COOP-support added to Kongsheim, Skogsvag, SH_Bocage, Flisa, Myren, Engerdal.
- Bots are now even harder! A real challenge for both medium to experienced players.
- Fire-effects for all vehicles tweaked.
- Animation-issue with 'dropped' gun now solved.

Known issues:
- The ships are not available on any maps - yet - and therefor not fully included in update.
- COOP Market Guarden has been removed for now. DICE-bug in Mod.dll makes it crash dedicated servers - even though it's their own map!

Included SilentHeroes maps [17]:
- Aberdeen*
- Engerdal*
- Engerdal Day2*
- Flisa*
- Ingenmansland
- Kongsheim*
- LingonStigen
- Myren*
- Narvik*
- SH Bocage*
- SH Dalen*
- SH Hillside
- SH Rennesoy Island
- SH Wake*
- Skogsvag*
- Svinesund
- Tallskogen*

* = Also has COOP-support!

Included BF42-maps with COOP and Conquest-support [16]:
- Battle of the Bulge
- Battleaxe
- Berlin
- Bocage
- El Alamein
- Gazala
- GuadalCanal
- Iwo Jima
- Kharkov
- Kursk
- Market Garden
- Midway
- Omaha Beach
- Stalingrad
- Tobruk
- Wake

Full Change-logg:

-=[ 1.0 ]=- {Public Build: 2005-04-22 04:16}
- Fixed: Gboat's model lod-fixed.
- Fixed: Many Lexicon-entrys corrected and added, many BF42-entrys removed.
- Fixed: Bhus1_ruin2 model updated.
- Fixed: Engerdal_day2 updated.
- Fixed: AK5-model and texture updated.
- Fixed: GBoat-model and texture updated.
- Fixed: XA180-model updated.
- Fixed: XA180N-model updated.
- Fixed: Rimi-model updated.
- Fixed: Chus, Chus_butik and their simpel-models updated.
- Fixed: Ehus-model updated.
- Fixed: Dhus-model updated.
- Added: COOP-support for Engerdal.
- Fixed: Map SH_Wake updated.
- Fixed: AI-updates for 20 handguns and 15 vehicles.
- Fixed: Tunnelvisions impact at max-level reduced with 12.5%.
- Fixed: Ironsights for new handguns updated.
- Added: Tunnelvision-control for server-owners = handled via redundant game.serverCrossHairCenterPoint 0/1
- Fixed: Increased the TeamChangeLimit from 1 to 3, to handle those days when you accidently change team...
- Fixed: Maps Engerdal, Flisa, Ingenmansland, Lingonstigen, Myren, Narvik, Aberdeen, SH_Bocage, SH_Dalen, SH_Hillside, SH_Rennesoy_Island, Skogsvag, Kongsheim, Svinesund, Tallskogen.
- Added: New simpelmeshes for AG3, AG3 with HK79, AG3 slidingstock and AG3 with kindpad and scope.
- Added: The mother of all flu's.
- Fixed: Texture for Parkbank updated.
- Fixed: Texture for Kraftl updated.
- Added: Radartower PS860.
- Added: New simpelmeshes for AK5, AK5B and AK5 with M203.
- Removed: The mother of all flu's.
- Added: New Swedish regiment 'HV', with PSG90, AK4, AK4 with M203, AK4 with scope and KSP58.
- Added: Launch-sound to AT.
- Added: COOP-support for map Myren.
- Fixed: CampaignMapList updated.
- Fixed: Heli-placements on Enterprise improved.
- Fixed: Corrected animations for all handguns with grenadelaunchers to correct the 'drop'-issue.
- Added: New crouch-animation.
- Fixed: lexiconAll.dat updated.
- Added: New icons for all AG3 and AK4-variants.
- Fixed: Map SH_Bocage updated.
- Fixed: Map Myren updated.
- Removed: COOP-map Market Guarden due to 1.61-Mod.dll-bug. Thanks DICE.