That’s So Raven 2: Supernatural Style
Street Date: July 2005
Platform: Game Boy® Advance
SRP: $29.99

Product Description:

Raven is back in an all-new adventure for the Game Boy® Advance! Her psychic ability to glimpse into the future gets her into some crazy predicaments, and it will take the help of her friends and family - Chelsea, Devon, Eddie, Cory and Dad - to bail her out. This time, Raven's on her way to the season's premiere fashion show, but is diverted in a series of hilarious escapades. She's running late, as her adventures instead take her from school to the mall, off to the zoo, a science fiction convention and to a concert. Along the way, she needs to collect accessories to complete her fashion line. It's going to take clever disguises and insightful premonitions to hit the runway in time!

Key Features:

20 action packed levels take Raven through 6 different environments.

Raven's friends and family are there to help get her out of binds! Look for Chelsea, Devon, Eddie, Cory and Dad.

Disguise Raven to give her access to hidden levels and learn new abilities to get out of sticky situations.

Psychic visions provide clues to help Raven solve puzzles!

Learn to use the "camera," and hone your paparazzi skills as you progress through the game.

See Raven strut her stuff on the catwalk at the season's premiere fashion show! Select clothes, colors and accessories then snap "photos" of her supernatural style.

Based on Disney Channel's hit TV show "That's So Raven".