Pro Cycling Manager v1.1R Patch
Patch for Pro Cycling Manager, Radsport Manager Pro 2005/2006
We urgently recommend to start a new career, in order to fully allow the patch to work.

- the calculation of favorites in cobbled hilly races will incorporate the cobble-ratings as of now
- cobbled stretches are now displayed in the stage profile through a greytone
- the newspaper will no longer be displayed after a simulated race
- on the loading page of stages (in the big tours) 22 instead of 21 teams will be displayed now
- the chat-option works again. One can also see, who is online in a multiplayer-race

- as soon as a team has less than three riders in the race, this counts as an abandon in the team ranking. This team will no longer displayed in the team classification.

- error in the upload of game results to the ladder corrected. The rankings won't commence before next week (the exact date will be announced soon)

- the riders will no longer disappear when using the "H" button
- new "dancing"-animation in the mountains added
- no more right click for the classifications
- riders no longer shake when the game is paused during cobblestone passages
- the error, in which riders would crash on the same spot or abandon every time, has been corrected

- error of double national champions in career-mode fixed (this only appeard with simulated championships)
- gained points during training camps are no longer valid indefinitely
- simulating-settings adjusted (less abandons than before, reduced time gaps and recuperations drops a bit slower)
- error fixed, through which one couldn't change teams after a season
- the game will now send a message, if it will hire you as a new team manager
- error, which prevented automatic training, fixed
- error, which prevented the player to sign in for races in the second season, fixed
- error, through which one couldn't see the calendar entries in the second season, fixed

- heart rhythm more under control than in version 1.0
- attacks more controlled than in version 1.0
- the red bar will fill up a bit slower at a high pulse rate
- the "free effort" order is less effective now; the red bar will fill up faster because of this

- error fixed, through which a team would defend the fourth place overall, even if this defence wasn't up to them at all
- the fight for sprint bonifications in the peloton or in breakaways is more tougher now

(Database and stages)
- several rider ratings adjusted
- stage races, which had no secondary classifications (Tour of Malaysia, Vuelta Ciclista a Mallorca etc.), fixed
- new stages added: French championships, 4th stage of "5 Days of Dunkerque", Haribo Classic, Benidorm - Valencia
- corrected at the end of the first stage in the Supergiro d'Italia: the finishing stretch is more evened out now, which improves gameplay
- correction at the end of stage 11 in the Vuelta a EspaƱa: the arrival is now rated as a mountaintop finish (riders now have a better chance to keep up in the sprints); evened out finishing stretch