Brothers in Arms SDK

Title: BiA RtH30 SDK
Platform: PC
Release Date: 06-21-2005
Requirements: Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 PC Version 1.10


The Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30 Software Development Kit was created to give mod-makers the ability to modify and create content for BIA. This SDK will allow the Gearbox Software community to extend their BIA experience indefinitely via user created content. Gearbox has worked hard to ensure this kit allows as much modification and new content to be created as possible.

Many of the SDK features that allows Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30 to play modifications are automatically deployed to all customers via the auto updater as part of the update version 1.10 of Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30. The actual tools, tutorials, samples and source code will be available in a separate download for modification authors.


„h UnrealEd - Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30 Edition
Modders familiar with the Unreal Tournament series of games will find much about this editor similar. This editor allows for modification of maps, materials, sounds, and script. It also offers the ability to import and use models and animations. The BiA Edition has many special enhancements above and beyond the stock Unreal editor.

„h Custom Map Support
Version 1.10 of BIA RTH30 (released simultaneously to SDK launch) adds accessibility for all customers to custom content/maps.

„h Mutator Support
Version 1.10 of BIA RTH30 allows for custom Mutators. The Mutator is a concept proven in the Unreal Tournament series of games. These are small packages of code created by programmers to easily modify game behavior. There will be a collection of Sample Mutators made available on the Gearbox Software BIA SDK Site for download.

„h Dedicated Server (BETA)
This SDK allows for setup and use of a Dedicated Server for both traditional BIA RTH30 matches, as well as new game-type mods. The initial launch of the dedicated server feature is considered BETA so it is not supported.

„h BIA RTH30 SDK Documentation
Included is documentation that describes everything from a high-level overview of the BIA editor, building custom maps, to Dedicated Server support, and of course an overview of the Tools included with the SDK.

„h Tools
The SDK comes with tools that allow making distribution content for mods much easier. Traditionally many of the files for distributing custom maps and mutators would require complicated hand-written utility files - these tools simplify this and automate much of the mod building process.

„h Sample Content
The SDK also includes sample map, art, and animation content. This is source content, which can be easily modified and used in BIA RTH30.