UTXMP Public Beta 2
Fixed bugs

21/07 Delayed instigator
20/07 Destroyed vehicles on radar
20/07 Rocket altfire locking on players waiting for revival
19/07 Flamethrower altfire works online
17/07 Infinite Recursion errors from dying animations
15/07 Misc spectating bugs
13/07 UT:XMP Public Beta 2 release date
12/07 Check ResupplyStatus before attempting Resupply
07/07 Mines keep taking damage until they explode when offline
07/07 Mines don't keep taking damage when going to online from offline
07/07 Mines being triggered by supply stations, artifact nodes and teleporters
07/07 Handle dying while hacking
07/07 HackTrigger properly handles players when fully hacked
07/07 Selected class in PlayerSettings menu gets saved to ini
07/07 Menu music doesn't switch to UT2K4 on music volume change
06/07 Starting listen server
06/07 Decreased vehicle KImpact damage
06/07 Destroy raptor grinders to avoid being gutblowed by vehicle carcass
06/07 Flamethrower damages instigator
30/06 Deploy point base collision
23/06 Aggregate ammo update (infinite resupply bug)
10/06 Weapon sound increased to full volume
06/06 Reload timing with Sleep() rather than Timer()
14/05 Weapon Down animation timing
11/05 Gender selection in Player Settings menu
10/05 Misc manual errors
08/05 Radiator effect fading
08/05 MidGameMenu escape key handling
30/04 Lowered collision primitives for Juggernaut and Harbinger closer to the ground so Raptors can't drive underneath them
25/04 Fixed class icon not showing on HUD when in a vehicle
18/04 Directly entering a vehicle turret sets online status of VehicleBase
18/04 Vehicles stop firing if vehicle goes offline while firing
18/04 Vehicle and Vehicle Turret exit positions adjusted -- possible fix for dying when exiting a moving vehicle
17/04 Manned Turrets properly change skins online
16/04 Possible fix for end-game camera lock
13/04 Starting dedicated and listen servers from the menu
13/04 HUD + scoreboard only display server name online
13/04 Weapon model displays correctly in Weapon Settings Tab
12/04 Tap-out effect not showing online
12/04 Double death-cry
12/04 Reload while firing
11/04 Lowlands Winged Turrets
11/04 Manned turrets doing little to do damage
10/04 Mortar-projectiles explode upon impact
10/04 Color-codes visible in team-beacons
10/04 Final color-code affecting subsequent text
10/04 Handling for triggering touched XMPTeamTriggers
10/04 Grenade bounce
10/04 Rocket Alt Shell bounce
10/04 Shock lance projectile now stops bouncing when close to hitnormal
10/04 Shock lance projectile damage
10/04 Projectile spawn origin
10/04 Selfdamage dependence on TeamDamage
10/04 Weapon Hand (left, right, center, hidden) options
10/04 Rocket Launcher Lock reticle
10/04 Juggernaut turret view offset
10/04 Vehicle explosion sound playing at each impact
10/04 DyingWaiting animations for landing carcasses
10/04 Teamsay Message Location display
10/04 Ammo aggregation for resupply ratio
10/04 AutoTurret muzzleflash spawning
10/04 Sniper unzoom on weapon change
16/01 Bot player class display in scoreboard
16/01 Automatic Reload on Weapon BringUp
10/01 Hack effect staying around when gutblowed while hacking
08/01 Proper displaying of Kickvote, Mapvote and Add Favorite buttons in MidGameMenu
07/01 Score multipliers
07/01 Accessed nones related to ChangeLoadOut
07/01 Accessed nones related to Reload
07/01 Accessed nones related to NotifyAmmoChanged
07/01 Accessed nones related to XMPAutoTurret
07/01 Accessed nones related to XMPHackTrigger
07/01 Accessed nones related to XMPPowerStation
07/01 Accessed nones related to XMPScoreKeeper
07/01 Health resupply bar
07/01 Text on teammate resupply widget
06/01 Proper pawn unpossession for removed bots
04/01 Artifact particle effects invisible to owning player
04/01 Laser tripmine server crash
04/01 Expel suiciding/teamchanging players from vehicles/turrets


21/07 Tighter turn radius for Raptor
21/07 Female Ranger animations
21/07 Lowered Raptor center of gravity
20/07 Short color tags
20/07 XMP bot names
18/07 New map loading screens
17/07 Forcewall damage closer to XMP
17/07 Forcewall beams reduced to four
16/07 Random splash screen
16/07 Executables to run UTXMP and UTXMPEd
14/07 Bots select deploy point closest to objective
14/07 Grenade launcher firing offset
14/07 Assault rifle firing offset
14/07 Shotgun firing offset
14/07 Garden turret firing offset
14/07 Mortar turret firing offset
14/07 Manned turret muzzle flashes
14/07 Tech bots will use grenade launcher versus vehicles and deployed units
14/07 Bots try to avoid gas and incendiary grenades
12/07 Decreased Raptor StayUprightStiffness
09/07 Mesh-based collision for Deploy Point
09/07 Smoke grenade emitter tweaked to lower FPS hit
09/07 New winged turret effects
09/07 New lowlands giant turret hit effects
09/07 New swingarm manned turret effects
09/07 Smoke emitter for assault rifle exhaust
09/07 Vehicle turret damage and damage radii tweaked
09/07 Manned turret damage and damage radii tweaked
08/07 Roundhouse and Garden manned turret projectiles visible with low detail settings
08/07 True XMP style vehicle entering
07/07 New napalm effects
07/07 Smaller weapon preview in Weapon Settings tab
07/07 Speech binder styled
07/07 Control binder styled
07/07 Maplist Configuration screen styled
07/07 "Only official maps" checkbox on map selection screen now shows only FMI maps
07/07 Settings pages styled
07/07 Instant Action pages styled
07/07 Host-game pages styled
07/07 Removed settings irrelevant for UTXMP from game-settings tab
07/07 Removed vehicular manslaugher and monsterkill announcer messages
07/07 Removed invisible gametype selection box on Host Game page
07/07 Display playerclass string in Player Settings menu
06/07 Removed green hack meshemitter
06/07 Added XMP overlay for hackable actors
06/07 Decreased shotgun primary fire range
06/07 Assault rifle alt projectile momentum transfer decreased
06/07 Fragmentation grenade momentum transfer decreased
06/07 Flamethrower effect "reflects" when it hits geometry
05/07 New Flamethrower effects
05/07 New shotgun secondary explosions
05/07 U2 material hit sounds
04/07 New Shotgun muzzle flash effect
04/07 New Toxic Grenade effects
04/07 New Shotgun Alt Projectile effects
04/07 New Rocket Explosion effects
04/07 Added bDefaultDeploy property for Deploy Points
30/06 Maps properly bot-pathed (y)
28/06 Juggernaut Flamethrower range increased
24/06 HackTrigger localization
24/06 Player who last damaged you doesn't get credit for your suicide
24/06 Juggernaut Flamethrower
24/06 XMP style teambeacons
24/06 Artifact camper display
07/06 New damaged Vehicle flame effect
08/05 New intro matinee movie
08/05 Optimized Gametype Selection screen loading
08/05 Female Ranger model
03/05 New red/blue splash screens (red by default, blue by renaming the file because UT2004 lacks multiple splash image support)
30/04 Vehicle damage on KImpact events
25/04 New shotgun secondary projectile emitters
24/04 In-game update checking system.
24/04 Friendly, witty and informative replacement for the hated "version mismatch" error.
21/04 New JumpJet emitters
18/04 NoEnergySound on Fire for deployables if not enough skill
18/04 OfflineSound on (Alt)Fire in Vehicle or Vehicle Turret if offline
18/04 Added UT2004's volume meter for ingame voice-chat to the HUD
17/04 Switching seats in a vehicle using the numeral keys is now disabled
17/04 Vehicle and Vehicle Turret entry radii adjusted to allow for U2XMP style vehicle entering
17/04 U2XMP style vehicle entering -- You now enter the vehicle or vehicle turret closest to you
17/04 Rotation constraints for Manned Turrets
14/04 MVP/Stats displayed on map loading screen
14/04 Scoreboard pops up on game-end
13/04 Added muzzle flash for Shotgun
13/04 New hack effects
13/04 New Assault Rifle Effects
13/04 The last class-selection is now saved in the user ini
13/04 JumpJetFailed sound plays only once
12/04 It is now possible for projectiles to create an effect where they touch water
12/04 Shotgun secondary projectiles get destroyed when touched by water
12/04 Shotgun secondary projectiles no longer do damage to players in water
12/04 Flamethrower secondary projectiles get destroyed when touched by water
12/04 Flamethrower no longer does damage to players in water
12/04 Auto-reload on (Alt)Fire if required ammo is greater than current ammo
11/04 Manned Turrets using ProxyBalls default to team 255 if Team not set
11/04 FiringOffsets adjusted for Manned Turrets
10/04 Added Manned Turret crosshairs
10/04 Reimplemented standard UT2004 GameStats hooks
10/04 Added deployable-count to HUD
10/04 Removed ClearDoubleClick() on landing
10/04 Original U2XMP JumpJet algorithm
10/04 Moved DoJumpJet call into XMPPawn::Tick
10/04 Carnival Turrets
10/04 Bots revive teammates
10/04 Bots exit vehicles before reaching target HackTrigger
10/04 Announcer voice level controllable via audio option (disable, play some, play all)
10/04 Clientside weapon clip count for proper firing/reload animation syncing
10/04 A bunch of precaching statements
10/04 Increased Raptor brake torque
10/04 Raptor front gutblow effect
10/04 EMP Grenade effect
10/04 Shock lance Alt Projectile effects
10/04 Shock lance projectile impact effect
10/04 Reimplemented standard UT2004 hud hooks for matinee, overlays, etc.
10/04 Decreased Pistol primary refire rate
10/04 Increased XMPPawn brightness
10/04 Added sprite to base of autoturret muzzleflash so emitter is visible from all angles
10/04 Sniper Zoom reticle
10/04 U2-style Damage Indicator on HUD
10/04 Juggernaut Projectile trail
10/04 Drunken Rocket trail
10/04 Opaque Smoke Grenade effect
10/04 Increased particle generation rate and size for gas and flame radiators attached to players
16/01 Weapon Recoil
09/01 Increased spread for autoturret fire
09/01 1337 h4x0r b075
08/01 Tweaks to team-beacon range and visibility
08/01 Preliminary support for colored nicks and messages -- client side option (enabled by default). "ToggleColor" or F5 to toggle.
07/01 Kickvote and Mapvote options in MidGameMenu
06/01 Updated credits
06/01 Game timer stays at 0 during prematchwait
05/01 Fixed couple of busted links + typos in manual (thanks Paul from BT, Hidea on the forums)
04/01 Vehicles reset if left abandoned