Trash Open Beta Client v06
Balance Changes:

Added a 30 second cooldown for teleporting. Made the phasing-out consist of 2/3rds the total transit time, and phasing-in takes only 1/3. Added a max range teleport, which starts at 15 for level one, and increases as you get more upgrades.

New mutant research building called "Metabolic Research". This building gives organic units the ability to sprint. Sprinting is a stackable upgrade. Each building provides the equivalent of 1.5 nitro upgrades. Once invoked, sprinting lasts 10 seconds, and it has a 30 second cooldown.

Organic units cannot use Nitro upgrades without Mutant research called Nitrogen Translation, which is researched at Metabolic Research.

Supergun fires once per 35 seconds instead of once per 25 seconds.

Increased build time of Mindblaster from 43.5 seconds to 50 seconds.

Increased build time of Brawlers from 36 seconds to 40.

Swapped Brawler & Roach armor types.

Roach bite does only 35% damage to armor/structures (considered Bullet/Piercing class damage). Increased spawn rate from 70 to 65 seconds.

Moved Taunt and Mindblaster Madness research to Remote Viewing.

At the Human Refinery, Gas is harvested in batches of 1 unit, instead of 10 units. The harvest throughput has not been changed.

Increased Gunship damage from 16 to 20.

Now Amplicons do FF on themselves if attacking a target next to themselves, that is, a melee unit. Previously there was special code to prevent this--because Amps have area-of-effect. This should help melee counter them better.

By default, bullets do 35% damage to armor/structures. Previously they did 25% damage.

Advanced Materials (still Human Upgrade) only gives benefit to Tanks, Soldiers, and armored Mutant units. It not only gives a hit point bonus, but it also gives an armor bonus. The armor bonus decreases bullet weapon damage.

Humans have a new research called Turrent Rotation Speed which allows weapons to rotate faster.

People changes

One less hut in starting base. (From five to four).

Thralls cost 3 people instead of 2.

Huts are spread out around the player base more so. They are less clustered in one area.

Mutant units cost 20% less people (except thrall and gate twins).

People are harvest 20% slower. People are unloaded slower, extra 3.5 secs per person unloaded.

Mutant player starts with 9 thralls, instead of 10; starts with 25 people instead of 30

Made most Mutant research cost 20% less people.


New human unit (Stinger). He's a slow soldier that can only attack air. He benefits from artillery upgrades.

Clan support added. Use slash command "/clanmatch on" to declare a game a clan match. Clan matches are rated games between two clans. They cannot be started unless there are two even teams, where everyone belongs to one of the two clans. Results of clan matches effect both your personal rating and your clan's rating.

While on the pre-launch game setup screen, you can peek into the lobby without leaving your current game. Hold ALT or TAB to peek into the lobby. Try this feature, it's cool.

When a player joins the game, it shows the number of disconnects vs total games played in the "player X has entered" message. If you mouse-over a player's rating on the pre-launch screen, it shows their wins, losses, and disconnects.

Slash command /minrating is used to require a specific rating in order for players to join a game. For example: /minrating 12

Improved the randomization of teams. It should be more fair now--and more random.

On lobby server, default sort is open games at top.

Lowered required time for game to be rated from 4 mins to 3 mins. Made it so that if you resign before this much time elapsed, you get a disconnect (same as if you drop).

Added Ascend and Descend orders. This are used for levitating units and for Extender. I thought this was important since.


Fixed crash that occured if booted from a game.
Fixed bug where you could lose rating even if you won.
Fixed bug that prevented flying units from using warp gates.
Fixed bug where pressing ESC in lobby would make your chat text disappear.
Fixed bug where human could build Karkino upgrade.
Fixed bug that prevented disassembling of armed huts and trash structures.
Levitated tanks can hit air units.
Possible fix for the selection bug.

Game Server:

Couple fixes plus added support for new game features