Scorched 3D Build 39
Fixed: Free market economy getting confused when accessories.xml file edited
Fixed: Display message when scorched3d data directory not present
Fixed: Missed move message fixed for buying
Fixed: Clicking on menu titles doesn't move viewport
Fixed: Action camera not working correctly
Fixed: Avatars with more than 32 characters not being stored correctly
Fixed: Player colors are allocated so no duplicates occur
Fixed: Fonts changed to be totaly open source
Fixed: Wind indicator missing one face (thanks Funkinator)
Fixed: Window ordering in window menu does not change due to z order
Fixed: Invisible window removed from connect dialog
Fixed: Shields and player names showing through smoke
Fixed: Scorched3D client does not go un-responsive when creating levels
Fixed: Shot cam follows rollers
Fixed: Multi-line console messages are handled correctly
Fixed: Tanks can fire out from other tanks shields
Fixed: Shield strength to make less over powering (copied from shield test mod)
Fixed: Team talk messages now have the team text before the colon
Fixed: Player should always reconnect with last used player name
Fixed: Server status messages getting too big too send
Fixed: Winner award given when all players leave (1/2 total rounds must be played)
Fixed: Bug where rollers kill shields and heavy shields with direct hits
Fixed: Napalm and rollers cannot be fired when underground
Fixed: Rollers can explode on cavern roof
Fixed: Can see health bars under water and parachutes behind shields
Fixed: Only certain file types can be sent during auto mod download
Fixed: Undo should not put duplicate entries in the undo log (and more undo features added)
Fixed: Banned statsid added to list of banned players
Fixed: Adjusted damage from hogs, added lasers
Fixed: Computer played tanks don't resign so much

Added: Cannon model (Thanks cbx550f)
Added: Bat, Helicopter and Jet animations for boids (Thanks Shockwave)
Added: Sonic tank (Thanks Shockwave)
Added: Auto skip feature (skips all moves until the end of the current round)
Added: Ambient sounds
Added: Web interface for server to change settings
Added: onlyhurtshield attribute to WeaponExplosion for explosions that only hurt shields
Added: Timed messages on the server, multiple messages, and round robin messages
Added: Registered player names (names can be registered to a stats id)
Added: Prefered player only servers (only players with certain ids can connect)
Added: Chat filter (swear words)
Added: Shadows to landscape placed objects
Added: Direct placement type to allow direct placement of landscape objects
Added: removeaction, burnaction for trees and objects that allows them to explode etc. when removed
Added: Trees and objects are always in the same position for all clients
Added: Restricted camera movement is now toggled on and off with the alt key (no holding required)
Added: Teleport weapons
Added: Positions for the camera, wind, plan, weapons and player windows are persistent
Added: Deathstryker's scorched3d modeling challange winning tank model
Added: Properly sun drawn and sky colors
Added: deflectfactor attribute to reflective shields to allow the bounce to be configurable
Added: shieldhurtfactor attribute to weapons so shield damage is now configurable
Added: Maximum teams increased to 4 (red, blue, green and yellow)
Added: Even slower/finer angle/power changes by using SHIFT+CTRL
Added: Favorites tag to buy and sell dialog
Added: 3D sound support using OpenAL (removed SDL_mixer sound support)
Added: enginesound attribute to weapon projectile
Added: WeaponScatter so that weapons can emit from the sky (like meteors)
Added: Delay before tooltips are seen is configurable
Added: timedcollision attribute to shot projectile (for timed explosions)
Added: Landscape placements moved to a different file (landscapeplace.xml)
Added: Movement sound when tanks move using fuel
Added: Option for each server to have different banner displayed in rules dialog
Added: New team auto ballance mode that auto ballances using player score
Added: LOD for models (disabled, not very good though)
Added: Saved game filename to save game file dialog
Added: Support for animated meshes (via bones)
Added: apexnodud option to WeaponProjectile to stop apex collisions from duding
Added: Trial of new on screen message format (death messages seperated out)
Added: Keep alive messages to further shorten lag
Added: Boids (birds) to levels
Added: Fog density attribute to levels (distance fogging)
Added: Admin alerts for players (ip addresses) that have been flagged
Added: WeaponNapalm option to allow napalm type weapons underwater
Added: Admin newgame command
Added: Error message for single player team game with incorrect teams
Added: BotsVs team ballance mode, for player vs bots action
Added: Server can set maximum avatar size
Added: Postgresql stats logger (thanks Funkinator)
Added: New resign option to make tanks resign at end of round depending on how much health they have
Added: Movement restriction option to stop tanks from moving under water
Added: Better mysql stats format that allows stats history
Added: Error reporting to MS file loading
Added: Rounds left shown in the game browsing dialog
Added: Bender tank model (thanks antivert)