Metal Heart v1.1 Patch
Fixed some graphics of the location 657 (Empire)
Missing close combat animations fort the rifle butt punch for mutant and replicant added
Game crashes during the battle mode
Some random missions had a value of 0 Credits; this caused crash on some processors.
After releasing the NPCs from the team they do not respawn their weapons. So they can’t be taken in the team, robbed, then released again and then hired again.
If cyborgs entered the location where they were hired, they changed the weapons to the default ones.
On some processors, money overflow during shopping occurred, the money turned into negative.
On some processors, money turned into negative while playing on the cash machine
Some ammo multiplied while entering some locations
Some objects can’t be used in a closed combat any more.
The experience gained in the random quests now goes not only to Lanthan, now every team member earns same experience as Lanthan.
Some photos changed after the loading the game.
Some battle log entries were obsolete. E.g. Shield worked and then „18-18 = 0“. Now the „18-18= 0“ doesn’t appear.
Improvement of scripts for the Arena and Vik Patriot quests.
The Slot machine is not so predictable any more and can’t be used for quick multiplication of money.
The race relation systems is balanced, now the relations to every race may be improved by taking quests either for his race in the city or against other races.
Enemies sometimes lost sight of players during the battle.
AP for walk and run were switched.
Some scenery was not suited for scrolling at 1600x1200. New boundaries have been set.
Some implants, weapons and ammo are balanced according to constructive player criticism.
The goods are spread better among the shops. Now better weapons are available only at higher character levels and towards the end of the story.
Balancing of the enemies is improved.
Enemies have full health on at the beginning of a battle.
Enemies now may have and use different weapons.
Black Screen on location change on some processors.