Raging Tiger Upgrade Patch v1.15
Please note that the patch comes in a zipped file and does not automatically point to your Raging Tiger directory. For best results unzip the patch into a temporary folder. You will then have to specify where the Raging Tiger install directory is located.

Fix->DirectDraw Acceleration. Disabling DirectDraw acceleration, either manually, or using the "Protected Mode" startup icons is no longer required, for any video cards!

Scaling to Movement. The search radius for support by fire positions and position areas and the size of moves to bypass obstacles is now scaled to the movement speed of units and hierarchies, rather than hard-coded.

Kill Odds. The pH (percent hit) calculation has been modified to better reflect the effects of the 'Hold Fire' order.

Fix->Spelling. Several spelling errors in the Results window have been corrected.

Suppression Model. Direct fire suppression now reflects pK ("percent kill" odds), suppression radius, and target protection value, as opposed to only reflecting weapon pK.

Fix->Recall Detached. Recalling units detached from hierarchies caused some strange behavior in the passing of orders to units in the hierarchy.

Fix->Hierarchy Window. Clicking on list boxes in the hierarchy info window locked input to the ATF Engine.

Fix->Closing Crash. Closing a scenario that includes enemy holes and obstacles caused crashes to desktop for some users.

Fix->Hierarchy Stop. Certain conditions could cause stopped hierarchies to move, or not display stop orders. This has been corrected.

Fix->M113 View Range. The view range for M113 chassis vehicles (excluding the M981 FIST-V) and several similar vehicles has been corrected.