Universal Combat Gold v1.00.02 Patch
1. When a towed object's state (beached/disabled/sos etc) is cleared and an object is towed to space, the flag is no longer reset as this has a side effect of also causing the A/P to cancel any pending orientation maneuvering.
2. Giving the FLY-TO command when the CC is under A/P AI control will now perform the action, regardless of the target type. Previously it would ignore the command if the target could not be attacked (e.g. disabled, SOS etc) because attacking that type of target is against the Rules Of Engagement.
3. The PLV is no longer populated by all personnel defined in a mission script (which may include hostile persons).
4. Units ordered to ESCORT the player are automatically added to the priority list (and hence also the PLV) if not already present.
5. Implemented joystick controls support for vehicles when the joystick controller is selected in CONFIG.

The vehicle can still be controlled by the keyboard when the stick is the selected controller. The keyboard commands then override the stick.

The throttle/number keys have no effect on the vehicle speed. As in the other craft, the speed is dependant on how long a key is pressed/stick pushed fwd/back etc. When the stick is in the centre (released), the craft maintains its previous speed (there may be some bleed of speed) in the same manner as when the keyboard is used.

Stick x-axis (L/R) functions similarly to keyboard Q/E. In weapons mode the axis sets the currently selected turret yaw position, unless the joystick has a twist axis, which then takes precedence.

Stick y-axis (forward/back) functions similarly to keyboard W/S except that there is a fairly wide low-sensitivity zone near the centre that allows for more precise maneuvering at low speed.

Stick twist axis controls the selected weapon turret yaw at all times if present. The joystick throttle controls the pitch.

In WEAPONS mode, the throttle (if present) and stick Y both control the turret pitch (the effects are added together). In CONTROL mode the throttle (if present) sets the turret pitch alone Control/Weapons mode is indicated in the velocity tab (ie where the VTOL, A/P, H/S etc are located).

6. Player personnel escorts are now set to HALT if the player uses an asset. When the player re-deploys from the asset, all prior player escorts that are still in HALT state are re-assigned to escort the player.
7. FIXED: The NPC naval units were incorrectly 'bobbing' on water because they were attempting to perform maneuvers (turn towards targets) and this should not be possible unless the craft is moving forward (or backward).
8. FIXED: Docking with some assets (e.g. SAM units) was listing incorrect missile loadouts for re-arming them. e.g. a TSX-1 unit uses TSX-1 missiles, instead of the standard missiles (e.g. Radix, Ralix etc)