Alien Swarm v1.3 Patch
These maps have been updated to fix various bugs and exploits:

Sigma - Uplink
Sigma - Salvage
Sigma - Rescue
Sigma - Barracks
Sigma - Research
Sigma - Salvage
Ortega - Boarding
Ortega - Engineering
Ortega - Navigation

Decompression kills are shared equally between live marines (counting as assisted kills).
Suiciding while infested is no longer a good idea.
The Swarm Queen is now capable of smashing Sentry guns.
Hand grenades now have a wider area of effect and will detonate when passing close to aliens.
Medics will see injured marines with a flashing red name.
Heal effect changed to give instant feedback.
Empty servers will reset to the Sigma campaign (there is a server setting to disable this if desired).

Misc. fixes:
Anime smiley works in a multiplayer game.
Voice chat will join correctly.
Fixed texture level of detail settings on various interface textures.
Fixed a campaign rarely getting stuck on the lobby with all missions complete.
Flares now correctly burn out on a dedicated server.
The MaxIdleTime server setting will no longer kick spectators.
Deselect marine button no longer interferes with campaign levelling up at widescreen resolutions.

Changes for custom maps and campaigns:
Players can start and load custom campaigns from the main menu.
Custom campaign vote mutator (by Smattbac & Butters) included by default, so players can start and load custom campaigns from in-game.
Mappers can restrict equipment on a per map basis.
Mappers can add custom equipment on a per map basis.
All weapons use the AoHelper function for setting things on fire.
Ammo dropping function moved inside the Ammo bag class to better support custom Ammo bags (like in Telic).
Any music with "AllowStim" at the end of the song title can be played alongside a Stim.
No longer able to carry two SIZE_Large items.
Added a bBastille variable to make custom equipment only Bastille can use.