Alien Arena 2006 Patch #2

Copy file to your Alien Arena 2006 main folder.

In Linux - type "tar -xzvf aa2k6-update-12-30.tar.gz"

IMPORTANT: If you need to run the sdl version, you MUST copy crx.sdl overtop of crx (do not attempt to run the game by typing ./crx or ./crx.sdl, or you will crash)

In Windows, simply open with Winzip, and be sure to extract to your Alien Arena 2006 main folder.

Included in this update(updates since initial AA2K6 releae):

1. All weapons now have alt-fires.
2. Easy skill level bots are now much easier.
3. Hard skill(3) level bots now use alt-fires in appropriate situations.
4. Beamgun is now more responsive.
5. Weapon models that had hands on them, have had the hands removed.
6. Frag indicator and position now shown when you frag another player.
7. Bug fixed with dedicated servers running bots and crashing after long periods of up-time.
8. Player identification option(not working in Linux just yet)
9. Detail textures
10. Bot kick threshold(can set for dedicated servers to kick bots when certain amount of real players join - sv_botkickthreshold)
11. Bloom intensity slider
12. Map information shown in start server menu
13. More server info in server browser
14. Shaders on/off option
15. Shadows on/off option
16. No Brainlets on/off option
17. Lightmap brightness slider
18. Particle Beams on/off option
19. Replaced quad and invulnerablity sounds
20. Models now have shaders

The alt-fires are as follows:

Blaster - fires quick but weak beam.
Alien Disruptor - sniper mode zooms in, charges up power.
Chaingun - fires large single burst of bullets.
Flamethrower - fires long range fireball that explodes and burns on impact.
Rocket Launcher - fires homing rockets, if you have cells as well.
Alien Smartgun - fires trip mines.
Alien Beamgun - fires rapid fire plasma balls.
Alien Vaporizer - fires large single plasma bomb.

Skill level 3 "Nightmare" bots do the following manuevers:

If out of standard blaster range(500 units), will use alt-fire.
If over 1000 units and has an alien disruptor up, it will go into sniper mode.
If over 800 units and has the flamethrower up, will shoot the alt-fire fireball.
If Alien Smartgun is up, will fire trip mines randomly about the level.
If within 300 units and using Alien Beamgun, will use alt-fire.
if within 200 units and using Chaingun, will use alt-fire.
If within 300 units and using Alien Vaporizer, will use alt-fire.
If using Chaingun, Alien Beamgun, or Blaster, bot will circle strafe.
Bot will strafejump to move about the level.
Bot will rocket jump in combat(level 2 bots do this as well).

Menu upgrades:

Server browser now includes information about servers, such as admin, website, fraglimits, etc

Start server menu now includes a window with information about each map, and also the ability to set the bot skill levels

This patch supersedes all current patches, including the "Nightmare Bots" patch.

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