Universal Combat: A World Apart v1.00.11 Patch
Implemented a new licensed audio engine (FMOD Ex)
This audio system is vastly more advanced than our aging in-house legacy DirectSound based system and represents a significant performance boost and overall audio enhancement. We had planned to adopt this audio engine for use in our 2006 and beyond PC and XBox360 titles but decided to implement it into the already released UCAWA as well.

This new implementation requires that your audio card have at least 32 hardware channels. This is the standard for most audio cards, including on-board audio. If you don't get any sound, this means that your card does not meet with these specifications and thus hardware mixing cannot be used. In this case, use the /x command line option to force the use of software mixing.

You can also use the /x parameter to solve buggy audio driver issues.

NOTE: if you are using an Audigy sound board set to 5.1 speakers and don't get any audio when you first startup the game, change your speaker setup to something else (e.g. 4.1), then change it back to 5.1 and save it. This seems to solve that problem with some SoundBlaster drivers. This might work for other audio drivers as well.

A sample massive battle saved game is included for quick testing of this improvement. Just restore and play it with the invincibility cheat on (or you will probably die).

Made several audio playback tweaks and revisions to better suit the new audio engine. e.g. better sound attenuation, more channel mixing etc.
Added ability to toggle hyperspace transition FX via Config.
More tweaks to turret optimizations from 1.00.05 because the turrets on some crafts (e.g. Megaron), were still not firing as often as they should.