Universal Combat: A World Apart v1.00.12 Patch
v1.00.12 (02-17-06)



1. Added UCAWA_MANUAL_REVISIONS.HTML to the docs folder. It documents the revisions to sections of the printed manual and PDF manual related to patch related game revisions.
2. Further performance improvements to the character rendering engine.
3. Added four (IA0117-IA0120) new Instant Action scenarios.
4. Revised the fp HUD map. [Manual Section 8.0]

* Radar targets are now plotted on the map and work exactly like the TRS. Any target within the inner section is in front of your current bearing. If the target is farther out, it is behind you. The very center of the display represents what is directly in front of you. Therefore, if a target is in the inner area you are directly facing it.

* Has four filter modes cycled using T when the DIE is off. The current filter is displayed to the left of the heading as follows :

P - Personnel units
V - Vehicles & Naval units
C - Craft units
A - All units

* The current target (selected in the DIE) is indicated by a flashing box and is always shown, irrespective of the filter being used.

* The map can be zoomed by up to x4 using [ and ] when the DIE is off. The current zoom mode is displayed to the right of the heading indicator as a bargraph. The default zoom factor is 5km. Each zoom step decreases this range (zooms in) by x5. So the ranges at the circle boundary are 5km, 1km, 200m, 40m

5. Radar range/target revisions:

* The max range of planetary first person (fp) mode VTT tags increased from 25m to 100m.
* The min range of planetary craft VTT tags reduced from 1km to 25m.
* The max radar range of the DIE has been increased from 5km to 50km.
* If L (nearest attacker to my current target) does not return a valid target, the nearest target is now selected instead.
* If O (nearest enemy attacker) does not return a valid target, the nearest enemy target is now selected instead.

/ $
* A distinct explosion sound is now played for nearby self-destructing missiles.
* Revised NPC craft gun fire sound.
* Can now cycle songs playback in fp mode using ALT+, and ALT+.
* FIXED: In some instances, the new audio engine caused the front/rear speaker channels to be reversed when playing multi-channel positional 3D audio (e.g. engine sounds).
* FIXED: A bug in the new audio engine caused some sounds with zero loop points to be looped when they shouldn't. e.g. the gun sound used on some planetary vehicles.
* FIXED: A bug in the new audio engine prevented some multi chunk sounds (e.g. those used by the XN32 weapon) from being played and would cause a crash on exit in some cases.

14. FIXED: Night vision mode was not being cleared across game sessions.
15. FIXED: Some rendering artifacts on coastal planetary terrain areas.
16. FIXED: Alpha channel on some building models (e.g. barriers) was removed during DXTC conversion.
17. FIXED: A rendering artifact on the death specialFX for some character models
18. FIXED: Misc graphics glitches in PERSCAN related to misaligned borders at 800x600 resolution.
19. FIXED: The POV offset for the MIM has been adjusted due to the weapon view looked wrong when the weapon was being reloaded.
20. FIXED: A missing localization text in IA completion MISCON display.