Rampage: Total Destruction - Monster Bios #4
Leading up to the April 24 ship date for Rampage: Total Destruction, we'll be introducing you to all 30 of the collectible creatures featured in the E10+ title. This fourth batch includes four new exciting monsters: Harry the Yeti, Shelby the Tortoise, Amanda the Armadillo and Natalie the Nautilus. Rampage: Total Destruction is slated to ship on both the Sony PlayStation┬« 2 and the Nintendo GameCube™. Look for more in the coming weeks!

Rampage: Total Destruction is the next evolution in the Rampage series. While the game retains the core elements that made the Rampage series so popular – giant monsters, massive destruction and a humorous theme – new mechanics and play modes make Rampage: Total Destruction a unique gaming experience. With dozens of new monsters to collect and play, new levels of destruction, and an interactive 3D environment, Rampage: Total Destruction unleashes the chaos like never before.

Harry the Yeti
Harry the Yeti has done some truly abominable things to the cities he's razed, and he's showing no signs of chilling out anytime soon. His years hiding in the Himalayas gave him time to develop an unnaturally quick climbing ability. Even the highest skyscrapers of Chicago prove to be a useless getaway retreat for his victims.

Shelby the Tortoise
Some may mock this turtle for her average jumping and crushing abilities, but what they don't realize is that slow and steady wins the race. Under Shelby the Tortoise's tough exterior lies a turtle in a half shell with super high health. The only shell game Shelby plays involves crushing block after city block in Frisco.

Amanda the Armadillo
Amanda the Armadillo is built like a tank and armed with high health. Despite her average nature, this tough as nails Armadillo is ready to roll through your city. Rumor has it, someone in Hollywood once called her "Amanda Huggandkiss," and she's been on a Rampage ever since!

Natalie the Nautilus
This "sailor" has multiple arms giving her the upper hand – er tentacle – for crushing the competition! When is comes to tearing apart downtown San Francisco, Natalie and destruction go arm in arm...in arm...in arm...in arm....