Contact Sales signs deal to distribute Lock On Gold
Contact Sales signs deal to distribute Lock On Gold

Oxfordshire April 4th 2006

Product: Lock On Gold
Republisher: Evolved Games
Genre: Flight Simulator
Format: PC CD
Release: 28th April 2006
Territory: UK / Scandinavia / Ireland
RRP: £19.99
Barcode: 5060023731461

NASCR Distributor of the Year, Contact Sales Limited, is pleased to announce it has secured a deal to distribute Evolved Games's Lock On Gold in the United Kingdom, Scandinavia and Ireland.

Lock On Gold is the only modern day flight simulation game to combine high fidelity with a broad choice of aircraft. The game is filled with action-packed missions, realistic flight modelling and flexible game options that provide unlimited game play action to both beginner and veteran flight simulation fans. The game's blend of high-powered aircraft and various fighting styles combine for the most realistic flight sim featuring today's most advanced military aircraft

Features include:

· All the capabilities of Lock On: Modern Air Combat
· Addition of the Su-25T as a player-flyable aircraft
· Training missions with voice-over instruction
· Three new, 20-plus mission campaigns
· Improved ground texture with even greater detail
· New ground textures for winter, spring, summer & autumn
· New aircraft skins
· New military & civilian ground facilities
· New single missions
· Upgrades and feature additions to version 1.02 of Lock On: Modern Air Combat
· Adjusted & added additional documentation.

Back ground:

Lock On Gold in an updated version of the highly acclaimed Lock On Modern Air Combat from 2003. This new version has many improvements including a new Russian aircraft, the Su-25T and the Flaming Cliffs campaign. The theatre of operation is the Black Sea and a fictional conflict sees the deployment of both American and Russian forces to the area.

Lock On Gold will be available from 28th April 2006.