Empires v1.03
-Added: vehicle turrets are now handled client-side to eliminate lag
-Added: holding onto a grenade after pulling the pin will cook off the grenade down to a minimum 1 second fuse, total grenade fuse time has been increased to 6 seconds
-Added: engineers now get points for healing friendly players, healing 200 points of health will give 1 rank point

-Fixed: scout's hide was broken with 1.02
-Fixed: spectator was causing the client to crash due to an error with the new minimap code
-Fixed: random commander GUI based crash due to an uninitialized research variable
-Fixed: as the commander, selected turrets were not showing the correct image in the selected unit area
-Fixed: buildings no longer animate while dead (radar spin, turret rotation, etc)
-Fixed: vehicles getting stuck after exiting and re-entering (especially NF artillery tank)
-Fixed: changing seats in a vehicle causing the vehicle to stop momentarily
-Fixed: walls were not changing their physics collision mesh on raising and lowering (this only affected vehicle interaction)
-Fixed: vehicle presets wouldn't save if your language setting was anything other than "English"
-Fixed: bringing up the scores panel while the team or class selection panel was open would cause the team or class selection panel to show up again after joining a team/selecting a class

-Modified: made extensive changes to vehicle, engine, and armor properties (improved weight as well as other changes)
-Modified: made changes to the research tree
-Modified: improved how engineer buildable map objects handle players standing inside when construction is completed and they turn solid
-Modified: improved engineer repair kit regenerating while not in hand or while in a vehicle
-Modified: for engineer revive, increased the distance the ragdoll can be from where the player actually died
-Modified: a player's ragdoll is immediately removed when he respawns making it easier for an engineer to know if a player can be revived or not
-Modified: set NF and IMP scout rifle parameters to match in terms of accuracy and damage
-Modified: set engineer camera and radar and radar building to detect players/vehicles through objects
-Modified: increased default tickets to 200 per side