ChaosUT2 PR v3.7
Here is a partial list of the changes from 3.6 to 3.7:

Fixed Duel crash bug that was introduced with UT2004 patch #3369
Replaced all Horde Hunters (HH) monster models with new ones
ChaosCTF (CCTF) MantaMeat option in and working
Tweaked CCTF so any/all Turrets will be powered
Tweaked CCTF so you get a start match message when going from WarmUp to the actual match
Tweaked CCTF so the scoreboard will display WarmUp time remaining (so you know exactly how long till Match start)
Tweaked the CCTF messages on your Hud (you have your flag, you have enemies flag, you have both flags)
Tweaked CCTF so that if players enter any remotely controlled AS turrets (where their pawn is hidden) or tries to drive AS space fighters, any of the flags they are holding are dropped
Added a feature to CCTF that will remove any translocator pickups in maps if the player/admin has chosen to turn Off the "Allow Translocators" option (so if you want NO Xlocs, you get NO xlocs)
Tweaked it so that if your viewing thru a turret-cam and the turret gets hit by Disruptor grenade you are kicked from the turret-cam view
Tweaked all ChaosGametypes to respond to game rules if they are included in the URL string (note for the GUI that players use they are not, but for web admin gui they are)
Tweaked to fix issue with melees not being selectable by more than one player in on-line games
Small tweak to HH Monsters weapons so they do a bit more damage (thus they are more attractive to the human players)
Tweak to HH so it allows the Archers to drop their crossbows (and players to pick them up)
Allowed full strength kicking in HH (to help get monsters out of your face)
Tweaks to make HH bots a bit more efficient in HH (they can kick, swing more often, dont try to block as much, ect)
Added in 'bloody' weapons
Tweaked Bloodyweapons so that the blood slowly fades from heavy, to light to none in 20 second intervals
Tweaked both vengeance exp (new effect) and chaos redeemer effect to be MUCH friendier on FPS and still looks great
Tweaked the long axe so the handle bone does not cause "damage" if it hits you
Tweaked HH Stats so the monster values appear under the player's weapon stats
Tweaked the InvProxy feature so users get a message and changed to use the 'kick' key to enter a proxy in this case
Removed manual gear shifting from Chaos Bike
For a copy of the complete change-log; full change-log

7. Weapons in PRv3.7
Chaos Pulse Pistol ( aka CPP )
Crossbow - w/ normal, poison, flaming, and explosive arrows
Chaos Grenade Launcher - w/ normal, poison, flash, and napalm grenades
The Claw2 - fires Laser Trip Mines, Proxy Mines, & Needlers
The ChaosUT Tactically Enhanced Ripper - ( aka the C.U.T.T.E.R. )
Multi-purpose Utility Gun ( aka the MUG ) - fires fire/ice/air
Enhanced Rail Delivery Weapon ( aka ERDW )
The Chaos Sniper Rifle v2 - w/ normal and Rocket Propelled Bullets
Gravity Vortex Launcher
The Chaos Turrets - large and small, with rockets & bullets for ammo
Chaos Rocket Launcher - Used laser point to guide the missles
Melee Weapons (for Chaos Game Types Only):
Long Tooth Daggers
Long Axe
Double Axe
Bastard Sword
War Hammer
For more detailed information, see Weapons page of the Chaos online manual

8. Items & Features in PRv3.7
King Of The Hill game type ( aka KOTH )
Chaos Duel game type
Chaos CTF - supports both vehicle and non-vehicle maps
Chaos DM
Chaos TDM
Chaos HH
Grappling Hook
Anti Gravity Belt
Kamikaze - It has returned!
DM/TDM Medals - special awards at the end of each ChaosDM/ChaosTeamDM match
Chaos Armor Shards
Jump Boots
the Kick - ability to kick players and objects
Spray Paint feature
Low-health Heart Beat Sounds
Lens-flare effect - on maps with Sunlight Actor
Remote WebAdmin access to Chaos configs
CUT2 Menus/Config Screens
CUT2 News Tab in menu - regular updates from the Chaos team, right from inside your game!
Chaos Relics (Vampire, Vengeance , Srength, Armor, Regeneration and Speed)
Talk Icon
Chaos Bike

For more detailed information, see Items & Features page of the Chaos online manual