Empires v1.04 Patch
-Added: new version of emp_canyon map to fix glitches
-Added: new version of emp_escort map with fixes and modifications
-Added: new map emp_badland; it's a large commander based map with fog
-Added: Message of the Day panel that appears when first joining a server; it displays the server name at the top and a viewport for displaying the MOTD.txt file on the server (place just a url in the file that redirects to a web page or keep the .txt file under 2048 characters); also, clicking the "Help Guide" button will load up the Empires manual
-Added: anything spotted via the F voice menu or the scout's binoculars will have a blinking red indicator over it for all players in the HUD
-Added: Brenodi Empire specific textures for the engineer radar and camera
-Added: vehicles now take damage (directly to the hull) from impacting with other objects; the jeep is much weaker than other vehicles to reduce it being used to ram enemy tanks and get them stuck
-Added: APCs have spawn points, if the vehicle isn't full, then spawning at the vehicle will place the player inside, otherwise the player will spawn outside
-Added: APC passengers (all except the driver position) get their health refilled at 5 HP/sec and ammo refilled at the same amount as ammo crates

-Fixed: map placed turrets now work and their level can be defined within the entity properties in Hammer
-Fixed: barracks spawn points would not always show up/would be grouped together with another barracks
-Fixed: explosions could hurt players through buildings and vehicles
-Fixed: artillery tank cannon appearing backwards
-Fixed: can't switch from the RPG until it's fully reloaded
-Fixed: scouts using hide could stay hidden when firing
-Fixed: players in an armory when the armory dies/recycles able to change class anywhere on the map
-Fixed: engineers can no longer revive players who suicide
-Fixed: grenadiers could fire the mortar in the air by jumping and ducking
-Fixed: grenadier's armor spotting skill was taking an excessive amount of time to show enemy armor values, similar to the scout's hide problem in 1.02
-Fixed: command vehicle appearing as the enemy team's color when first joining the team
-Fixed: repair stations could repair either team's vehicles

-Modified: reduced tank turret sensitivity
-Modified: reduced MG turret rate of fire for all levels
-Modified: increased rifleman's max ammo for rifles from 60 to 150, increased max 50 cal ammo from 30 to 60
-Modified: increased kick of both IMP and NF assault rifles
-Modified: on spawn, all players receive 1/3 of their total ammo for each weapon
-Modified: removed weapon accuracy penalty when the scout uses his hide skill
-Modified: raised the player's viewpoint when crouching to more accurately reflect the location of the player's head
-Modified: upon firing the RPG launcher, the player must continue to hold the Fire button to guide the rocket; letting go of Fire will set the rocket to dumb fire mode and reload the RPG launcher for use again
-Modified: set default "zoom_sensitivity_ratio" convar to 0.3 instead of 1.0, this convar reduces mouse sensitivity when zoomed in
-Modified: on death, set vehicle velocity to zero
-Modified: when building a building as the commander, decreased distance the building must be away from an enemy building or vehicle to 1000 units from 3000 units
-Modified: enemy engineer cameras and radars no longer restrict the commander's ability to place buildings
-Modified: the scout now retains his crosshair when hiding
-Modified: turret damage resistance has been lowered from 4 to 3 (damage received is divided by this number)
-Modified: increased length of time a unit stays spotted from 5 seconds to 7 seconds
-Modified: moved capture point flag model animations client-side
-Modified: switched damage, cycle, and kick values for the Imperial