OOTP Baseball 2006 v1.0.1 Patch

Added the option to disable the news ticker to the game preferences
Added "Run computer manager on all teams" to the "Other Functions" menu of the league setup
Added ratings to the player lists used in the transaction screen and the trade screen
Added the option to turn off playoffs
Added the option to prevent any AI moves on computer controlled teams
Added the option to erase the service time of every player
Added more checks for a human controlled lineup before entering the game screen (#1617)


Fixed Draft Log report will now show 10 rounds per page instead of a single round per page
Fixed crash problems when creating very small leagues (less than 5 teams)
Fixed the problem of pitchers playing other positions too often late in ballgames
Fixed several scoring errors
Fixed crash when opening empty game logs
Fixed problems with rookie drafts being in the preseason
Fixed crashing on inning-ending injuries
Fixed problems with offering extensions during the offseason
Reports "Free Agents" and "Upcoming Free Agents" now on 4 pages each, one for each category
Team logo on player report now linked to team home page

#1029 - Autoplay does not stop when you get a trade offer
#1323 - Fixed free agent Compesation Draft Picks not being Given
#1348 - Fixed CF importing from OOTP 6.5, some did not get an overall fielding rating
#1405 - Fixed illegal number of pitcher problem
#1410 - Spring stats now appear in team reports
#1412 - Fixed inaugural draft report issue
#1416 - Fixed parser errors in reports (sometimes)
#1417 - Fixed game log error (sometimes)
#1420 - Fixed parse error when clicking on a player from History/Players
#1424 - Fixed filter coaches by league bug
#1425 - Fixed problem with crediting saves
#1430 - Fixed problems with player photos
#1435 - Fixed scorecard/box Score problem in Minors
#1445 - Fixed problem with amateur drafts
#1450 - Adjusted the platoon advantage for LH/RH Hitters vs. LH/RH pitching
#1454 - Improved batter development algorythm
#1457 - Fixed option year news item problem
#1459 - Improved AI minor league roster management
#1460 - Adjusted the frequency of staff members refusing to resign
#1461 - Fixed problem where the delete button on news items was too sensitive.
#1462 - Fixed problem where nations for cities changed to USA
#1463 - Fixed game not ending properly when hitting "enter" after the game ended
#1464 - Fixed stats problem concerning hits after game over
#1465 - Minor league staffing issues resolved
#1469 - Fixed drag and drop issue on disabled list
#1469 - Fixed drag&drop from DL to active roster
#1470 - Fixed problems with the AI messing with lineups when managing a minor league team
#1471 - Fixed ratings scales and reports
#1474 - Fixed default Minor League city repeating
#1475 - Fixed contract strangeness
#1476 - Fixed buttons not adding correct amounts on the contract screen
#1478 - Fixed some inaugral draft head scout rating issues
#1480 - Fixed splitseason issue with playoffs
#1481 - Fixed crashing on right-clicking on certain players
#1482 - Fixed unaffiliated minor league teams spending silly money on trades
#1483 - Fixed crashing after importing certain OOTP 6.5 leagues together with standard leagues
#1484 - Fixed issue where subleague was duplicated on setup page
#1490 - Fixed crash problem when asking manager to set up depth charts
#1493 - Fixed problems with nationalities and filters
#1496 - Fixed Taiwanese filter problem
#1497 - Fixed problems with insufficient players on AI rosters
#1498 - Fixed problem when you take players off the 40-man roster
#1501 - Fixed FTP upload errors
#1514 - Search for a city is no longer cap-sensitive
#1525 - Fixed players getting moved multiple times in one day (sometimes)
#1539 - Fixed problem where you could delete the currently active Universe!
#1540 - Historical leagues now only auto when both options enabled
#1542 - Improved trade AI when cash is involved
#1544 - Fixed crash when sorting players by nickname
#1547 - Fixed some DFA issues with player on minor league contracts
#1549 - Improved retiring logic
#1551 - Added notification on auto-fill lineups when the depth chart is not filled properly
#1552 - Added awards to the league news log
#1553 - Fixed League News page doesn't have weekly/monthy player awards
#1561 - Fixed in-game crash problems
#1565 - Fixed crash with DOB filter on roster screen
#1572 - Fixed missing results from game log
#1573 - Fixed incorrect position in reports
#1580 - Fixed human manager age calculation when creating new game
#1605 - Fixed Player Photo Assigments
#1605 - Adjusted player photo loading, named photos have priority now and png's work now
#1607 - Fixed unwanted AI substitutions when simming to inning X
#1607 - Fixed problem where when you sim the bottom 1/2 of an inning game will PH
#1610 - Fixed error message add_line_to_txt_file
#1611 - Fixed long ERA Cutoff on Player Pitching Splits Screen
#1611 - Fixed several cosmetic issues
#1614 - Improved rookie draft AI
#1614 - Balanced Drafting
#1615 - Fixed a problem with assigning SB stats on double-steals
#1615 - Fixed game issue concerning double steals where only the lead runner is credited with SB
#1617 - Fixed lineup bug with DH
#1621 - Fixed crash on injury "no batter?"
#1623 - Opening day starting pitchers selction improved
#1625 - Fixed difficulties Deleting League
#1626 - Fixed players becoming coaches birthdate
#1632 - Fixed player LOB calculation
#1639 - Improved opponent pitchers playing in the field
#1640 - Fixed issue where back to back homer line was called at incorrect times
#1645 - Fixed game log crash
#1648 - Fixed an historical league crash where there are not enough minor league players.
#1655 - Fixed some issues with expansion
#1656 - Joe is no longer a common name
#1658 - Fixed problems with substituting an injured DH
#1663 - Fixed a problem whereby too many pitchers were being created
#1664 - Fixed some fictional league crashes
#1665 - Fixed Pull down menu for year on HTML page only shows current year
#1666 - Fixed ground rule double glitch
#1670 - Fixed issues with the waiver wire not being displayed
#1676 - Fixed Depth Charts Crash
#1678 - History section no longer crashes
#1680 - Fixed problem with draft classes in imported leagues
#1682 - Fixed Japanese Free Agents happy to sign minor contracts
#1683 - Fixed Japanese Rule 5 Draft problems
#1686 - Fixed problem whereby when you took over a team you were unable to give extensions
#1687 - Improved bullpen usage AI
#1696 - Made players on the 60-day DL ineligible for the rule 5 draft
#1708 - Improved Minor League human manager lineups changed by AI
#1716 - Fixed play To selected day going 1 too many days
#1718 - Alt-tabbing no whilst simulating no longer stops the game from auto-playing
#1720 - Fixed transaction Screen Filters changing continually
#1723 - Fixed Deleted teams offering jobs
#1726 - Fixed league total historical modifier adjust not working for minors


Fixed Pearl skin loading times


Added information to the schedule evaluation report
#1485 - Fixed scheduler bug (wrong number of home and away games
Added MAL2006 schedule renamed into the generic format
Fixed errors in the 1901-1952 major_league schedule files


Fixed problem with importing multiple OOTP 6 leagues into a signle OOTP 2006 game (#1495)

Play-by-Play and In-Game Text

Fixed issue with PbP showing a fielder named Davis when no player was named Davis
Fixed issue where text (nL) would show up in some PbP commentary(#1590)
Fixed issue where (%game fielder] was displayed(#1591)
Fixed issue where "OBP" was incorrectly written as "OPB"
Fixed issue where player is credited with a sacrifice bunt when the runner didn't advance (#1570)
Fixed hard coded reference to Drysdale