An evolutionary mix of street racing, rally racing, and demolition derby where futuristic machines do battle in pristine natural environments
Unconventional weapons that manipulate momentum and inertia add a new dimension of strategy. Weapons can be used to create a variety of physics-based effects, and you’ll discover new ways to use them every time you play.
Explore a brave new world of race venues- remote woodlands, dusty canyons, giant glacial ranges, and other natural regions where the beauty of nature masks the dangers that await.
Fully-customizable race craft with an extensive selection of parts and paint jobs.

Phoenix Class

The model shown here is one of the earliest Fatal Inertia race craft. The Phoenix class ships have evolved into the most balanced performance racers and are capable in all benchmark tests.

With engines fitted where the wings would normally be mounted, this model utilizes higher speeds while making some sacrifices in handling and maneuverability.

The craft below is another Phoenix class vessel, but with a customized hood. Virtually any part of the ship can be modified, including the full front end and rear, side skirts, the cockpit, wings, as well as various body styling attachments such as spoilers.

Aurora Class

Aurora class race craft are constructed to offer its drivers maximum speed. Its exotic design is based on jet propelled vehicles that broke terrestrial speed records in the 21st and 22nd centuries. While capable of astonishing top speeds, Aurora class vessels make make some sacrifices in acceleration and maneuverability.

The model shown in the following two photos have been fitted with extra large wings that improve its stability and handling.

The styling of each ship is freely customizable via paint jobs, decals, and other cosmetic enhancements. The Aurora class craft pictured below, features a series of custom flame decals, just one example of what you can do with your ship.

Mercury Class

Mercury class racers are engineered to deliver the fastest acceleration and superior handling. Its design is inspired by 22nd century joint strike fighter aircraft, and as such its tight control, quick acceleration and ability to execute evasive maneuvers is unmatched. However, these features come at a price; Mercury race craft offer a lower top speed than the other classes.

Easy to control, the Mercury class vessel (shown above) is the recommended race craft for new drivers.

Titan Class

Sheer power and an impressive top speed make any Titan class ship a dangerous contender. The larger payload capacity allow the Titans to pick up twice the normal amount of ammunition from weapon pads, and carry engines that can produce maximum thrust, but the weight of Titan ships limit its maneuverability.

Titan class race craft are best suited to combat and will prove to be a formidable threat in the hands of an experienced driver.