Empires v1.07 Beta Patch
-Added: new missile and shell models created by Hellion
-Added: new convar "emp_vehicle_mouse_speed" which acts a multiplier for mouse speed when controlling a vehicle's turret
-Added: new background image created by Dee
-Added: spectating a player now shows their name on your screen

-Fixed: Brenodi team was able to build past the server's building limit
-Fixed: spectating a player now correctly shows their health and ammo
-Fixed: in the commander HUD, the green passenger names of players in a vehicle were all set incorrectly, and would possibly crash the client if many units were selected
-Fixed: HUD elements were being resized above normal if the user was using a widescreen resolution
-Fixed: exiting the commander mode sometimes causing a crash
-Fixed: rare crash of spawning on capture point causing the capture HUD to appear before the player has fully spawned
-Fixed: miscellaneous commander crashes
-Fixed: in the commander HUD, the green passenger names of players in a vehicle were all set to the driver's name
-Fixed: commander still able to research even though all of the team's radars have been destroyed
-Fixed: research countdown timer on the commander's HUD freezing when anything other than the research tab is selected
-Fixed: "Attempting to precache model, but model name is NULL" server console error appearing often
-Fixed: 1.06 linux server was not compiled correctly, preventing players from joining the server

-Modified: Escort - alterations to last two flags to require more than one person to cap
-Modified: Gauntlet - fixed issues that were causing the map to crash often
-Modified: MValley - many new changes
-Modified: District402 - reduced number of reinforcements for both teams by 1/3

-Modified: increased NF assault rifle damage from 35 to 42