Legends v0.4.1.40 Free Full Game
Additions for Legends

Two new gametypes are now included: Deathmatch and Rabbit (thx to Ender for initial code).
Custom map rotation now implimented. Remove any third-party script that does this, or the server will be classed as a "variant".
The War gametype has been enhanced and now has an endgame situation. War is best played with three or more teams, but can be played with two.
Game Server favorites list is now in!
Base inventory stations will now allow more than one player to use it at the same time.
Inventory stations will now start repairing instantly instead of waiting 100ms.
Script version mistmatch warning changed from message dialog to center print. It does take into account for MOTDs and will display afterwards.
Script version warning will now popup only once when you connect to the server and not on every mission load.
Modified the base rape rule. You can only base rape if raping is enabled and both teams are above or equal to half the min base rape count.
Revamped AdminMenu Server Info to add the option to customize the server info server-side using the prefs/AdminInfo.cs file.
Added a MsgFlagKnockedOff callback for flag loss events (impulse, OOB, etc). Will release a script that uses this callback to give as an example.
Removed assets destoyed messages and added bonus point messages.
Added PlayerSetup to AdminMenu.
Local player sound and animation scripting implimented, but no code for playing the sounds as of yet.
Changed main menu to use dialogs instead of setting the canvas. This will probably break any custom GUIs that use the guiprofiles.
Added the option to disable voting for specific gametypes.
Added ConsoleCommand admin function to allow you to change variables on the server without direct access to the server itself. You can run functions on the server as well.
Death animations for location damage.
Shield on spawn for visual spawned damage reduction.
Observers will no longer be counted for votes, and they are not allowed to initiate or cast a vote. Only teamed players can partake in votes.
Death messages regarding deployable turrets will now show the turrets owner.
Deployable turrets owner now gets the points for their turrets kills.
Will now use fixed port number instead of 0 when the game runs. This is to prevent Anti-Virus and Worm detection software from flagging Legends as a threat and still allows you to query servers when hosting your own server.
Added an option to disable 'Direct Input'. This helps on some systems where keys will not repeat in text input dialogs.
Shields have been removed for deployables.
All thrown hand objects go farther now at max throw force.
All projectiles now have a light radius, and most have had their radius increased.
Energy Module has been removed and all armours gain the benefit that the Energy Module used to give, unless wearing a module.
All modules decrease the players energy recharge. Just drop your module to get more energy!
Revamped ScoreHud, ObjectiveHud and WinningHud to be customizable server-side.
ScoreHud will now show top three scores for DM and Rabbit.
Added Refresh List button to Join Server screen.
Players holding the flag cannot use their modules.
Added OOB flag return.
ChatMenuHud will stay open when the match starts.
Added Random Spawn Point scripting for DM and Rabbit missions, but can be used in any gametype.
Added noFlagFinder for mappers who wish to disable the flag finder for their maps.

Bugfixes for Legends

Fixed random teams on mission load for FFA. This is to shuffle the players, it is not to balance the teams by player score or skill.
"Any" gametype is now selectable in the server browser again.
Fixed turret ambient animation when disabled or destroyed.
Fixed a bug where impulse grenades could not be thrown by anyone if somebody already has the cooldown thread.
Fixed numerous console spam errors for dedicated server.
Shield damages have been reworked. They now apply the correct damages to shielded objects when the shield strength is low enough to cause damage.
Plasma turret ball fixed.
Damage radius code reworked. Should now be a little more accurate, but closer splash damages will do less damage than before.
Restructured the adminmenu menu, all votes are in vote menu and all server changes are in server options.
Admin classes should save correctly now.
Deployable turret max is set by the lowest team size. One turret per player count. Minimum of one and maximum of however many set by the gametype.
Fixed Mine and Grenade powered throwing while using other triggers (jet, jump, etc)
You can no longer deploy beacons inside of interiors.
Random mission cycling is now really random. Wai!
Lava damage over time now works correctly.
Chat sound events will no longer cause the game to crash if you have no sound card or have disabled sound in Legends.
Reduced spawnpoint radius check, was too wide.
Fixed map hole on Aeolus
Updated sun direction, sun light and ambient light on all maps.
Fixed weaponHud ammo counts not updating is certain cases.
Changing the Mod or Gametype while querying the master server will no longer cancel the query.
Cycling weapons when you only have one weapon with ammo while having the repair rifle mounted will now select the first available weapon with ammo.