King's Quest 3 VGA Remake v2.0 Free Full Game

Using the knife on Manannan while he's asleep now gives a better message.
New background for the close-up view of Manannan's wand cabinet, showing a single door to match the graphic in the study screen.
Added in ambient sounds for the swamp and the pirate ship screens.
Sound effect added for dropping the spider in the ocean / walking the plank on the pirate ship.
Added inventory responses for touch on every item, plus for every combination of item used on another item.
Added an animation for ego's death when creating the listen to animals spell incorrectly.
Added the version number of the game to the question mark on the icon bar.
Updated all the dialog portraits with richer colours.
Added a "fly gone bad" death animation.
Fly out over ocean as a fly and get eaten by fish.
Interactions for the inventory items on all hotspots, objects and characters has been added.
Manannan sprites have been upgraded to a look more closely related to the original game.
Ego now auto-walks the entire staircase in Manannan's house.
Added the ability for the player to click the magic stone on ego to activate it as well as the established way of clicking it in the inventory. This was done to bring it into line with the way the magic map works.
Fixed the captain still being awake sometimes after the sleeping spell has been cast.
Changed the end credits to include new IA members.
Added in the magic map while onboard the pirate ship.
Added a sound that plays when points are scored.
Added in a Delete button into the save game menu.
Added in a 20 game saving limit to the save game menu.
Added in a new Easter egg with speech from Alexander at the dragon.
Added in a new Easter egg with Mordack.

Major Bugs

Fixed ego getting stuck when waking up from sleeping on his pallet.
Fixed in the upper hall when you get punished to 'work off the weight', ego no longer jumps to the lower entryway screen, walks across the middle of the steps to the landing, then part way down the steps to do his exercise on the steps.
Fixed the entry zone for the Acorn tree screen so the player doesn't get stuck entering from the north.
Fixed getting stuck in the rock at the top of the bandit robbing screen.
Fixed being able to kill the spider more than once.
Fixed the entry zone above the edge of desert and chasm screen so ego doesn't get stuck on the very right of the screen.
Fixed the magic map so it doesn't transport ego into a no-walk area on the Acorn tree screen.
Fixed the death dialogue greying out when ego turned to stone.
Fixed the crash that occurred when using the knife on the target in the bandits hideout.
Fixed being able to turn into the fly once the spider is killed.
Fixed multiple points being awarded for eavesdropping on the bandits in the tavern.
Fixed Manannan sometimes appearing in the spell book when he arrives home from a journey.
Fixed ego from appearing in the bottom left corner of the entry room on random occasions.
Fixed the cat crashing the game sometimes.
Reworked Manannan's code so he doesn't appear on top of ego.
Fixed the clock running backwards at times.
Fixed ego sometimes not walking into the entry room of Manannan's house from outside.
Fixed the saffron being removed from the players inventory during the wrong spell.
Fixed the pirates shouting "land ho" while talking to Guybrush in the Easter egg.
Fixed ego walking into a no-walk zone in all the pirate ship rooms.
Fixed ego turning invisible after digging up the treasure on the beach.
Fixed the game crashing if you walked of the edge of the path in the bottom of the waterfall in the Daventry mountains screen.
Fixed ego from staying invisible after using the magic stone to pass the snowman in the mountains.
Fixed the game crashing when clicking the hand on the knife in the inventory.
Fixed the game crashing when ego transports using the magic stone into the chasm screen directly below the three bears house.
Fixed Manannan never appearing in the dining room if you are there when he is timed to return from his journey.
Fixed the pirates disembarking the ship after you have used the sleep powder.
Fixed ego walking into a no-walk zone in the hold of the pirate ship.
Fixed the crash that randomly occurred when falling from the cave into Daventry for the first time.
Fixed the pirate ship not appearing in the screen directly below the pier, and if travelling into the pier screen from that screen, the pirate ship not appearing until you enter Port Bruce and return to the pier.
Fixed the pirate ship never arriving at land due to a timer being reset when it shouldn't have.
Fixed ego getting stuck in a no-walk zone as you leave the cave to cloudland back into Daventry.

Minor Bugs

Fixed where the bandits follow you out of the screen if you run out of screen from them.
Fixed the key sparkling on the wardrobe after you already have taken it.
Fixed being able to walk over the open trap door in Manannan's study.
Fixed hanging upside down in the kitchen punishment to disallow use of inventory screen and active inventory items, as well as anything in the room.
Fixed allowing the player to interact with the tapestry while locked in his room.
Fixed the white pixels around ego when he leaves the tavern as a fly.
Fixed the "Not here" message that sometimes appeared when the eagle carrying the spider leaves the cave screen.
Fixed the three bears room and the acorn screens "reloading" when you enter then exit the magic map screen.
Fixed the acorn tree screen "reloading" when you use the fly spell.
Fixed the magic map so it can be used from the inventory as identical to clicking it on ego.
Fixed ego being able to use the magic map while in the water.
Disallowed all ego's interactions while sleeping, instead bringing up the sleeping message.
Fixed the use and talk responses on the rock in the screen one left on three bears house.
Fixed Manannan's snoring sound from playing once he awakens.
Added the falling sound to ego falling off the two mountain trail screens.
Fixed ego clipping through the path when he falls on the lower mountain screen.
Fixed ego walking behind the secret hatch in the first screen under Manannan's house.
Fixed "eagle" ego flying behind the spiders web.
Fixed the pirates stealing your ear wax sometimes.
Removed the sleep spell from the players inventory once the spell has been cast, removing the bug of being able to cast it multiple times for multiple points.
Fixed the pirates shouting "Land Ho!" in red letters instead of their dialog portraits.
Fixed the pirate captain never making you walk the plank.
Fixed the top right acorn not being in the "pick up" zone.
Added the falling and stunned sounds when ego finishes his kitchen punishment.
Fixed ego walking down towards to door in the kitchen when you enter the room as a punishment, if you have been in the dining room when punished.
Fixed ego walking through his locked door when punished from the upstairs hallway.
Fixed Manannan problems if he appears in his bedroom.
Fixed clipping on the stairs in the second level of the house, if ego has been transformed into a snail
Fixed Mini-Manannan appearing inside the wand cabinet.
Moved ego's walk-to position when taking the wooden spoon in the kitchen so he doesn't stand in front of the knife.
Stopped ego standing on the base of the door outside Manannan's house.
Added a no-walk zone in front of the telescope in the tower screen if Manannan is there spying.
Fixed ego walking through the chicken coop gate instead of in front of it.
Fixed ego clipping on the mountain path when falling to his death.
Fixed ego flying through the acorn tree when he turns into a fly positioned behind the tree.
Fixed ego walking in front of the pier ladder when he should be behind it.
Changed the seagulls in some beach scene's to their smaller versions as they were out of scale.
Stopped ego getting water in his cup while standing on the pier.
Fixed the walkbehind bug on the left hand rock at the spiders cave screen.
Fixed pirate Red and pirate Ug getting stuck and walking in place on some computers.
Fixed ego being able to swim on top of the pirate ship in the island screen.
Fixed the shark getting "stuck" in one section of the first island screen.
Added in scaling for ego on the first island screen.
Removed the shark from the second island screen.
Stopped the snow falling if you climb back down the waterfall in the Daventry mountains screen.
Stopped the bandits music playing after they have robbed you.
Fixed ego walking though the rope ladder at the acorn tree screen.
Fixed Manannan appearing over the chasm below the stump screen.
Fixed the message in the bar where it says "1 Gold Coins" instead of "1 Gold Coin."
Fixed Manannan not animating his casting animation if ego is on the same y axis as him.
Fixed ego's view if Manannan appears while ego is reading the map. Previously ego was still locked into a non-standard view.
Fixed the ability to eat food while ego is in his snail punishment.
Fixed the player not being able to use the magic stone in the inventory if he is in the three swamp screens, the three chasm screens, or outside Manannan's house.
Fixed all the animal talking dialogs so they don't appear back to back, instead being paced out like in the original game.
Stopped ego using the magic stone in the store or tavern to bring it into line with his reluctance to use the map in these screens.
Fixed the ladder not being down if you use the magic stone sometimes.
Fixed the tavern doors being open if you teleport out of Port Bruce by stone, then back into it by magic map.
Fixed the ability to get the chicken feather a second time if you have already used it when creating a spell.
Stopped the ability to use the knife on ego while he's in his snail punishment form.
Stopped the ability for the player to click talk on ego while he's in his snail punishment form.
Changed the cat fur to being plucked at any time due to too many complaints and misconceptions that this was a bug.
Fixed ego walking through a rock one screen to the left of the waterfall in Llewdor.
Fixed ego being able to walk "inside" the oracle after his conversation with her.
Moved ego's walk-to point on first entry to the oracle cave to match up with the cutscene background.
Fixed Medusa not appearing if the player enters their inventory in the desert screens.
Fixed the sleeping bandit's walkbehind which allowed ego to stand in front of the bandit in the hideout.
Stopped the storekeeper from walking too far to the left as to expose no legs in his sprite.
Fixed the walkable area where ego could get caught in the bottom level of the three bears house next to the dining table.
Fixed ego rendering in front of a branch instead of behind in the top left of the Port Bruce screen.
Changed the long text dialog when you open the spell book to appear only the first time instead of every time you read the book.
Stopped the player using his active inventory during punishments.
Fixed the player being able to press to bring up the inventory during ego's punishments.
Fixed the error where if the bandits steal your items, you fail to retrieve them and subsequently board the pirate ship, and they appear in the captains chest.
Added a dialog message when Pirate Ug on deck spots you.
Fixed not being able to walk left at the base of the waterfall in Daventry mountains.
Fixed where the snowman grabs ego even when he's in his eagle form.
Fixed the magic stone not getting you past the snowman occasionally.
Fixed the snowman not leaving after ego turns into eagle occasionally.
Stopped Manannan's appearing music from playing during the introduction, as suggested by forum members.
Fixed the player from going through the drawers in Manannan's desk while the wizard is in the screen.
Stopped the use of the knife and food on ego while in his hanging upside down punishment.
Added in hotspot commands for the endless desert.
Added in the falling music if ego falls from the tree house.
Changed the desert edge look clicks to talk about sand instead of soothing grass.
Fixed Papa Bear not sending ego flying when the player knocks on the door after the bears return home.
Fixed the cat walking over the open trap door.
Fixed the buxom barmaid talking about the pirates when there is nobody in the tavern.
Fixed the pirate ship screens "reloading" when using the magic map.
Fixed ego walking on top of the wall in the left side pirate hold screen.
Fixed the cave cliffs sometimes not showing ego's climbing sprite.
Fixed ego rendering on top of the pier supports at the end of the pier.
Stopped ego from emptying the chamber pot if Manannan is asleep in the room.
Changed the wizard so he kills ego after the fourth meal instead of waiting an extra half-hour while he sleeps.
Fixed the buxom barmaid rendering in front of the bar after giving the bandits a drink that you purchased.
Added an inventory look message if the purse is empty.
Fixed a random bug when sometimes the message "You'd better not keep Manannan waiting" would not appear even if you hadn't been inside the wizards house yet.
Fixed a bug where Manannan didn't notice you had bad items if you walked down the mountain while he was home and he caught you.
Stopped ego being able to walk into the lower right wall inside the dry goods store.
Fixed ego being able to walk "on" the pier when he should be rendered underneath it if he arrives in the pier screen from the south without being on the pier previously.
Fixed ego rendering inside a tree in the screen one left of the waterfall in Llewdor.
Stopped the cat moving when ego goes to pick it up.
Stopped the player using the map while the bandits are on screen about to bug ego.
Added interactions for the pirates on board ship.
Fixed ego rendering behind the chipmunks instead of in front on the screen one left of the waterfall in Llewdor.
Fixed the magic stone to work in the great desert,
Fixed a no-walk bug in the screen directly south of the three bears house.
Fixed ego flying through the store door when the player casts the "turn into fly" spell at the anchor in the Port Bruce screen.
Fixed ego walking on the internal wall in the captains cabin screen in the pirate ship.
Fixed all the transition areas in rooms to make sure ego could walk straight back without having to walk further into the room.
Added interactions for the three bears chimney.
Fixed ego disappearing for a split-second when transitioning between pier screens.
Removed ego's "Whistles" response to the player clicking the talk icon on ego. This was done because the whistle voice file was very bad and very difficult to re-record on short notice.
Fixed the hotspot interaction for the hand icon on the trap door in Manannan's study.
Fixed the door sprite of the three bears house turning into the castle guard sprite instead of the open door sprite when Papa Bear kicks ego out of the house.
Changed the blackbirds to be smaller and completely black to match the portraits.
Fixed not being able to walk through the store door using the arrow keys.
Increased the size of the clickable area for using the trap door in Manannan's study.
Fixed the magic stone to make sure it stops and starts the snow effect as required for those screens with snow.
Fixed the ability for ego to walk through the gnomes rocking chair once the gnome has left for the castle.
Fixed the music not playing in the first cave stairs screen in Daventry.
Fixed some walkbehind problems in the three cave screens in Daventry.
Fixed ego walking behind some of the floor in the throne room in the ending cutscene.
Stopped the player clicking during the ending cutscene.
Fixed Manannan's arrival music to finish playing before he starts talking.
Fixed Manannan's arrival music to play when he arrives in the dining room.
Removed the hotspot for the book "Magician : A Novel" in the wizards wand cabinet as no voice file had been recorded.
Fixed the pirates and pirate captain dialogs so they matched when the player clicks money on any of them.
Slowed down Pirate Ug on deck of the pirate ship so the player has more change of getting away.
Fixed the shovel appearing in the pirates chest even if it hasn't been taken.
Changed the dialog for ego eating food.
Fixed Manannan so he knows ego has bad inventory when he arrives home from his journey.
Fixed the message that appears when ego enters the dragon screen while he's invisible.
Fixed the teleport animation happening if ego teleports into the left pirate hold screen.
Fixed the teleport stone stopping the timer if used on the pirate ship.
Added an error message if the player tries to use the magic stone while invisible in the dragon's screen.
Removed 4 points that were given when ego enters the throne room in the ending cutscene. These points were already added on to the 3 points given in the original game when untying Rosella. Now it just gives 7 points for getting Rosella, as the game goes automatic now.
Changed the interactions for the Oracle's crystal ball to match the original game.
Fixed ego being invisible when teleporting into the pirate ship on the same screen he teleported out of.
Changed the in-joke of clicking the hand on the wand cabinet to a randomiser of 10 instead of happening every time.
Fixed the storm brew crashing the game if used on ego.

Graphical Bugs

Fixed Papa Bears sprite from returning to the normal walk sprite momentarily when he catches ego and throws him downstairs.
Fixed the walkable areas in the screen directly south of the three bears house, giving the player more room to move before he automatically travels north.
Fixed the walkbehind on the right side of Manannan's bedroom door.
Fixed the scaling problem when you travel to or enter from the north, in the beach with river delta screen.
Fixed a minor glitch that happened when you climbed the pier ladder.
Fixed Mama Bear "dancing" in place while Papa Bear is talking.
Fixed ego walking through some land instead of behind it on the river delta screen.
Fixed the speed of the "exercise" punishment to make it shorter, and slowed down the too fast star jump animation.
Fixed ego so he scales properly on water.
Fixed the walkbehind on the bottom tavern wall as you enter the tavern.
Fixed the walkbehind on the stairs in the entrance room of Manannan's house.
Fixed ego being able to walk on the sky in the endless desert screen.
Fixed ego not being able to walk north on the endless desert screen.
Fixed being able to walk on the fence at the three bears house.
Fixed "snail" ego walking out of the walkable areas during punishment.
Fixed floor boards rendering over ego's feet in Manannan's bedroom.
Fixed Manannan appearing behind a walkbehind in some screens, giving the appearance that he's half cut off.
Changed the "just right" bowl of porridge sprite to blue to match the inventory item.
Fixed the fireplace in Graham's bed chamber from having a bright light around it.
Fixed the tavern doors having a black box in between the two doors.
Fixed ego walking on air on the mountain path after he's travelled it once.
Changed references to a door when ego is in his room as punishment.
Fixed Pirate Red on deck having two grey dots hovering above him while he's sleeping.
Fixed the perfume bowl missing a small section when the wand is in the cabinet.
Fixed the tavern doors "pulsating".
Fixed Manannan's head being displayed in front of the bed curtain while he's sleeping.
Fixed the gnome having pink dots in one frame of his sprite.
Edited the background for the cave exit to cloudland to allow ego to walk into the cave without hitting his head.

Manual and Launcher Related Bugs

Storm spell has been added to manual.
Error in cast names has been corrected.