Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines v2.8 Unofficial Patch
This is an unofficial patch for Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines by Troika Games. It is built upon Dan Upright's great unofficial oma patches and works for english retail and Direct2Drive versions only!

To install it extract this archive into your game folder keeping the directory structure intact and backup any files being overwritten if you want to remove it later. A complete reinstall is another option.

This patch attempts to fix many bugs and improve other things but no guarantees are made, since not everything could be tested. It can be installed easily on top of the official 1.2 patch from Troika Games.

The more basic changes are listed at the top of the version history, then bug fixes and more. It is recommended to start a new game after patching to avoid odd behaviour, but updating between hubs may work.

Because of the restoration of the histories the patch comes with the original config.cfg, so change all the options to your liking again. If you get problems with the histories in the tutorial just skip it!

Made all enemies drop their weapon when killed except the Brothers.
Added missing inspection node to Bertram's CD and many more items.
Unlocked doors to Boris for Venus quest and lowered Dema condition.
Removed .38 got for skipping the tutorial and added the quest log.
Swapped histories around again to alter those that made no changes.
Lowered .38 ammo price and time when crossbow bolts are available.
Added humanity loss for sending Copper and a wrong bloodpacks line.
Moved misplaced Ra texture folder and corrected female wield model.
Restored exploding King's Way runner and altered book loading tip.
Fixed options when asking Trip for weapons and a Prince line error.
Removed respawning warehouse thugs and missing beachhouse weapons.
Made clinic guard not open doors twice and added a Nurse condition.
Fixed Eerie Presence bonus and reactivated the downtown sewer map.
Repaired possible Gallery crash on entry and resetable quest state.