OOTP Baseball 2006 v1.0.3 Patch Readme
1.0.3 Build 12270

New features and functionality

- Added a "Offer all minor league free agents minor league contract extensions" function to the teams' possible free agent screen
- Added player overall and potential rating to player profile screen
- Added all league reports into a submenu within the league main menu
- Added "Schedule" to the tabs of the team screens
- Added an info message that informs managers if staff members are leaving the team after the season
- Added an info message that informs managers when players retire
- Added AI lineup selection options to the game setup, traditional (weighting overall ratings/stats more than splits) and sabermetric (depending solely on split ratings/stats)
- Added a "clear schedule" function to the schedule editor

- Improved player development & aging algorithms
- Improved roster management AI
- Improved both the broadcast and webcast game screens
- Coaches & scouts may now refuse 'demotion' to minor league jobs
- Commissioners may now retire or unretire players manually
- When promoting a player to the active roster, he is automatically added to the 40-man roster if there is room
- Players with a major league contract who are on DFA and no longer on the 40-man roster and cleared waivers may now be assigned to the minor leagues
- Added the option to only display qualifiers in the sortable player list within the league statistics screen
- Improved importing of historical stealing ratings
- Tweaked development of market size, fan loyalty and fan interest
- Fixed allstar game date editing
- Fixed rescheduling of allstar game problem
- Fixed coaches causing staff expenses when leaving the team
- The "force trade" option now handles waiver trades properly
- Fixed several play-by-play issues
- Tweaked contract values earned through salary arbitration
- Improved AI in terms of a salary cap
- Fixed HTML bug on team leaderboards report
- The "Download league files" menu button will now be shown for commishes, too
- Tweaked injury system, increasing the amount of day-to-day injuries
- Removed protection of traded draft picks
- Fixed Mac problems with online leagues
- Tweaked closer usage in order to give them a few more innings pitched
- Tiebreakers now occur in leagues without playoffs as well

#2023 - Fixed minor league contract extensions
#2288 - Fixed holds recording in played out games
#2414 - Fixed amateur draft scheduling problems when importing real schedules
#2427 - Fixed display of fielding stats in player lists
#2430 - Erasing the service time now resets option years properly
#2446 - Fixed improper use of quotes bug in teams.csv dump
#2451 - Stats leader team now identified in top 5 players boxes
#2451 - Stats leader team now identified in top 5 players boxes
#2465 - CSV output uses comma now, change delimiter in /data/config/app (sqldump_csv_delimiter) if needed
#2469 - Added error message HTML page for "missing" files
#2487 - Schedule in reports doesn't display ASG from wrong league
#2487 - Schedule in reports doesn't display ASG from wrong league
#2505 - Fixed potential ratings link on team page
#2512 - Team fielding report shows passed balls now
#2525 - Corrected number of reports in CSV export screen
#2528 - Removed needless fields from human managers data dump
#2530 & 2531 - CSV data dump headers are comma separated now, too
#2535 - Removed needless tables from data dump; fixed league_events bug