Nexuiz v2.1
FIXED: "did yoda show you" message when hitting dead bodies
FEATURE: "teamstatus" shows a teamplay scoreboard on the server console
FEATURE: CTF flag status icons
FIXED: antilag could cause misses that would have been hits without antilag on
FEATURE: say_team appears as centerprint message to improve team communication
FEATURE: sound parameters are done in engine
FIXED: crashes after map download, missing music or skybox after map download
FEATURE: display player names when they are on the crosshair, and health of team members
FIXED: runaway loop when g_maplist_position too large
FEATURE: trigger_push.height (see or the example map necchesu)
FIXED: three textures from another game sneaked in
FIXED: jumppad sounds sometimes playing more than once
FIXED: in teamplay, team scores could get lost when changing team or spectating
FIXED: campaign also accepted draw games as "win"
FIXED: sometimes, two weapons getting thrown on death
FIXED: misleading text in the maplist menu
FEATURE: spectating speed made faster
FIXED: bots targeting themselves
FEATURE: showinfo key shows timelimit/fraglimit
FEATURE: when maps/mapname.sizes exists, the map is only chosen when there are at least (first line) and at most (second line) players
FIXED: no picmip on lift button on warfare
FIXED: maximum shooting distance was too small
FEATURE: == -1 means that the button has to be hit with any weapon - even damageless ones work (Minstagib laser)
FIXED: laser target staying there when someone disconnects; bug with Uzi weapon switch
FIXED: seethroughs on runningman*
FIXED: no more revenge from the grave (detonating rockets in-air when dead)
FIXED: hitsounds being played for corpses
FIXED: domination weirdness (dompoint only getting taken when LEAVING it)
FIXED: multiple weapon balancing/timing issues
FIXED: menu unsetting m_pitch, causing x-only aiming
FEATURE: gotomap: like chmap, but shows scores first. In a vote, chmap gets routed to gotomap.
FIXED: weapon stay bugs
FIXED: exit_cfg not being executed
IMPROVED: spawnpoint selection for arena
FIXED: docs/mapping.txt
IMPROVED: got replaced by two scripts, one for SDL and one for GLX
FIXED: bluesky missing in default maplist
FIXED: misleading map download documentation
FIXED: overcaulk on aggressor
IMPROVED: damage through floor enabled again due to popular request
FIXED: chat bubbles not being displayed sometimes
FIXED: sv_autoscreenshot
FIXED: some engine crashes and minor bugs
FEATURE: improved scoreboard with ping display
FEATURE: "cd loop filename" plays sound/cdtracks/filename.ogg as background music track
FEATURE: dedicated server console shows colors in ANSI enabled terminals, or strips color codes on Windows (sys_colortranslation)
FEATURE: g_balance_nex_respawntime_modifier can be set to a factor for the Nex respawn time
FEATURE: teamplay 4 mode with controls g_mirrordamage, g_friendlyfire (both are factors applied friendly fire, mirror damage is dealt to the attacker, friendly fire to the target)
FIXED: The Carni player model was not on the same place as the hitbox. Old bug; has been there since before 1.0