Warsow v0.2 Alpha Free Full Game
Major new features:
- Anti-lag type hit detection.
- Optional support for OpenAL audio.
- Serverside demo recording and uploading to clients.
- Pure system to make sure that client uses same data as the server.
- In-built IRC client.

New media:
- New character animations.
- New maps: wctf2, wrace1, wtest7, wtest13
- Major new versions of wtest1 and wtest3, now known as wdm6 and wdm3
- Monada character now has LOD models.
- New plasma hit decal.
- Added bright skins for the player models.
- Added Warshell model.
- New Quad model.
- New versions of many sounds.

New features:
- CTF textures now change colors based on the team colors.
- New powerup: Warshell
- Command to toggle your ready state.
- New HUD command to draw a bar with a custom image.
- Command to jump to a specific point in a demo.
- New optional mouse filter.
- Command to "toss a coin" in game.
- Ability to set an alternative key for generating color escapes.
- Command to show the IP of the server you're currently connected to.
- In-built server now supports the filtering of instagib games
- Command to show scores while a button is being pressed.

- Many changes to the game network code.
- New grenade physics, including bouncing on the jump pads.
- Plasma balls now have volume against players, but not against walls.
- Many smaller tweaks for most of the weapons.
- Bots now have a [BOT] prefix that normal players can't use.
- Team names are now Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta.
- Respawn time of Quad is now 90 seconds.
- In duel the first spawn of armors and mega health are now delayed by
15 seconds.
- In team games first powerup respawn is delayed by 15-30 seconds.
- Removed some limits on filename sizes used by Warsow.

- Internal server browser didn't show any servers for some people.
- Using map command from console didn't work when playing a demo.
- Bigger timescale value than 10 caused problems in when playing demos.
- Long player names were drawn over other values in the scoreboard.
- If the player who had the megahealth disconnected, the megahealth didn't
spawn back.
- Callvote remove didn't work in duels.
- Connecting while server was changing map or restarting might leave player
stuck in the connection screen.
- Empty parameters didn't work in rcon commands.
- After downloading a map textures weren't shown properly.
- Demoavi command didn't work correctly.
- When spectating a team game in freefloat mode everyone looked like an enemy,
if force enemy team setting was enabled.
- Back button was sometimes over sound options in setup menu.
- Flood protection didn't work correctly.
- Final server message was not displayed properly.
- Server could output an extra nick change message when player was connecting.
- Player's inventory wasn't reset when going back over the start line in race.
- Item dropping when dying wasn't disabled in race.
- Countdown was not aborted, even if there was no longer enough people left to
- There was a rcon related crash.
- Grenade model had a missing texture.
- Gamma slider in the UI was inverted.
- The help message about not shooting your teammates was shown even when help
messages were disabled.
- There were missing images in the level loading screen.
Linux only:
- On some configurations the game could crash when moving in or out of
fullscreen mode.