There Is Only War
“There is Only WAR!” brings gaming to its origins, showing that “have fun or die trying” slogan is all the rage again.

So first things first, here will be no dull sims, vicious zombie or cold fear thriller. Here will be only battle, blood and gore, fire from the sky and ashes to ashes meeting DrDust. If to put it in more professional way – here will be only war!

If to put it to more serious way – what we have is a pure arcade action where cat, frog, mole and chicken special forces are showing each other who’s whose daddy! Four campaigns, 20 levels of non-stop carnage, free mode and original multiplayer modes making possible fun last forever... Not to mention online ranking system.

And finally if to put it more official way - The game is typical old school arcade with a lot of action, power-up usage, and cruel monsters riding on terrifying tanks. The game is set in a colorful cartoon style world and aimed to give a lot of positive and funny gaming experience to players.

Last but not least is original sound track created especially to energize players on zee quickest destruction of each other.

- four bloodthirsty bestial races
- totally unique military vehicles of mass destruction to gain respect (including Tank, Airplane, Anti-Everything Launcher + unique Special Building and Soldier for every race)
- 60+ levels of non stop arcade carnage to kill De Bill
- 20+ bonuses and (anti)bonuses to get or not to get yourself killed
- free game mode for those of you who did not get enough
- day, night, sun, moon, fog, rain, snow and even more clever words to find
- outstanding music created specially for the game
- incredible atmozfear of funny classical action ARCADE game