Vietcong 2 Fist Bravo Addon
New Player Class Option:
A new class 'Grenadier / Rocketeer' has been added. This new class has been given the majority of the explosive based weaponary, enabling server administrators to restrict this class granting better control over the use of RPG based weaponary and even allowing these weapons to be locked out from the server.

Possibly the most noticable of changes are those made to players movement. The sprint feature has been greatly reduced and standard movement speeds increased. The balance of walk vs sprint has been tested and tweaked repeatedly and now provides players with both a realistic and engaging rate of travel.
As a result of these changes players will also notice that 'warping' has all but been completely removed from gameplay which we're sure will make most people very happy.

We have spent a lot of time adjusting and testing the damage system so that players can not soak up a shower of rounds and still keep going. Damage ratio's are now far closer to those seen in the earlier title 'Vietcong 1' with most headshots killing a player in one shot and players who do manage to survive a volly find themselves with little health and no stamina, otherwise known as 'Sitting Ducks'
During testing we found the new damage system to be brutally harsh but in no way unrealistic. Combined with the changes made to weapons baliistics the new damage system is far less forgiving but then it should be.

Weight / Stamina
All weapons have now been given accurate weights and this has been linked into player class stamina. Making weapon loadout choices far more important as weapon choices will effect a players total stamina reducing/increasing the length of time a player can sprint for.
In addition this allows classes with more stamina to carry multiple weapons, picking up additional guns during game play. So pay close attention to the weapons weight stats when making your selections.
This also allows some classes to relocate some of the mounted guns, presuming they have sufficient stamina to pick up the weapon. In stops mounted weapon moving from being a class restricted feature.

Smoke Grenades
4 new options for smoke grenades have been added, Red, Green, Yellow and Violet, in addition to the standard White smoke option. The smoke effect has been improved on all smokes to improve the tactical use of smoke grenades during games.

Improved Weapon FX
Several of the weapons have had a makeover, with new improved sounds, better modeling and muzzle flares. Most noticable of these is the M16 which has been completely replaced.
Another important change is that of the BAR, which now has two rates of fire allowing for better ammo managment and is more historically correct.
Some weapons, especially some of the pistols, have had their first person view angles and animation / motion improved, making for better gameplay and far more accurate targeting.
Finally a complete overhaul of weapon ammunition including text descriptions has been made, and now each weapon uses the correct ammunition.

Player Load Out
Weapons load out for all game modes has had some major changes. There are too many changes here to go into detail but in brief the weapons choices for all classes has been re-thought. In Death Match pistols have been given to all classes while in Team Death Match pistols are side specific.
Weapon choices for CTF modes now better represent the classes, for example: the Specialist (Commando) / Hero weaponary now represents his speed and agility and so does not have access to heavier weapon choices. These load out changes make the other, previously less used, classes more attractive to the player.
More detail on these load out changes will be published at a later date.

Level of Detail
Improvements have been made to the 3rd person player models LOD, which many people reported produced visual problems, 'Popping', of characters. This has been adjusted to resolve these problems as best as possible without dramaticlly effecting frame rates.

Player Customising
The choices for head gear and player voices has been expended to give players more choice when customising their player.
Additionally the player skins have been revisited, giving more choice and improved realism for jungle warfar. Skins for DM and TDM are now tiered, with better camoflauge for better players as well as some skins to create confusion amongst teams.

Other Fixes
Hundreds if not thousands of small changes and fixes have been implemented. From minor graphics glitches to complete bugs. This is not to say that we have covered every bug, but we have addressed a large proportion of them as well as trying to address some of the realism issues.
There are a few features that may or may not make it into the release of Fist Bravo. At time of publication these features are still in the development stage, this includes the Throwing Knifes. While most of the work on this and other features is complete there is still work to do on them. Hopefully time allowing these will make it into the public release but for the time being we do not want to promise the inclusion of such features.