Birth of America v1.09f Patch
User interface

- Intermediate movement messages have been filtered out from the message panel unless you are in Error Logging mode.
- AGESettings (the utility in the main game folder) proposes 4 different windows modes: Fullscreen, maximized mode (this is the standard and optimized one), windowed mode with border (resolution of your choice), windowed borderless mode (resolution of your choice). Users with dual screens can try the last mode. These new modes are experimental.

Gameplay, rules additions and changes

- A lone leader never suffers from harsh winter casualties.
- The naval blockade rule has been revised. You need 2 SOL (Ship Of the Line) squadrons to blockade any given sea. In order to determine which seas need to be blockaded to shut down a harbor, just pass the mouse over the harbor icon. If an enemy fort with artillery is adjacent to the sea, the required number is 4 SOL squadrons. If one of the attacker's (manned) forts is adjacent to the enemy harbor, only one squadron is required. If you both have a fort, you still need 2 squadrons. Reminder: blockading a harbor will prevent the besieged units from resuppling by sea.
- Retreats from a thawing river will be made toward the region with the highest military control.
- Fleets which are blocked in a frozen river can't bombard.
- Irregulars can now recapture cities if the region's loyalty is 51% or more (liberty!).
- Artillery bonus for siege roll is revised: every 30 combat points gives +1 (or -1 if you are defending), with fractions used for a random roll. If you suffer from a command penalty, then the adjusted combat points are used.


- Sped up AI thinking by roughly 30-40%.
- Improved the long range mission behavior.
- Improved the unit gathering behavior ("garbage collector" for units).
- Light units can now be sent to recon if needed (new).
- Light units are now called by big stacks to maximize the detection rating of said stacks (new).
- irregulars (rangers, indians, partisans) can now be sent on raids with appropriate leaders and stealthy mode (new).
- Depot will now be built if a need for one persists in a given area (new).
- Resupplying of units has been improved.
- Sieging forces will be more aggressive if they can afford the assault.
- Besieged forces will be more aggressive if they can afford the sortie.
- Units bound to an area will be better used.
- Major update on the naval AI algorithms.
- Naval AI will be better at blockading enemy harbors.
- Various adjustements of parameters for a better decision process.