FlatOut 2 v1.2 US Patch
[2] FIXES IN V1.2

Fixed problem in detecting the available bandwidth that causes major lag
Fixed hang when the user selects ready at the same time as the host changes game options
Fixed a crash ingame that can happen in certain cases when a player disconnects
Fixed crash in lobby, or loss of controls in the car selection screen
Fixed a problem joining when the user is behind a NAT device
Fixed French and German translations of "chat"
Fixed overlapping texts in the voice settings dialog
Improved voice quality due to reduced lag
Speeded up joining when behind a NAT device
Added 5:4 aspect ratio
Fixed the -exportstats commandline option

[3] FIXES IN V1.1

Fix for joining behind NAT devices
Fix for crash when refreshing the list of games
Fix for joining games that are just about to start
Fix for derby hang, when all other players disconnect before the derby starts
Fix for a hang when exiting the session at the same time as someone else is joining
Fix for the sorting of the list of multiplayer games. Now it sorts games in the lobby, with the games with least amount of players first
Fix for packet relaying between machines that cannot connect directly, now it uses bandwidth and latency for that
Fix for disconnects or crashes in stunt modes with low bandwidth
Fix for crash at the game start, just after the race has loaded
Fix for crash in races or derbies when more than one player gets disconnected at almost the same time
Fix for crash when searching for multiplayer games, and there's too many games in the list
Fix for a cheat where you are able to wreck the same player multiple times in derbies
Fix for time synchronization bug, when the PC clocks are running at different speed, caused the "No other players in the game" message to appear at the start of races
Longer timeout for joining, it was failing before due to timeouts in certain cases
Fix for the last character not appearing in the text chat for the North American version
Fix for text chat when the player names contains number for the North American version
Fixed a crash in the loading screen
Force feedback improved a bit
Fix for disappearing car in the desert town track
Fix for tournaments skipping races
Player details cannot be selected for players that are not fully connected
Fix for kicked players being able to join the same game again
Hardcoded 10% deadzone removed for steering wheels
Voice chat added
Text chat added for the European version
Bandwidth detection, and adjustments to the network send bandwidth
Players are not disconnected if a race starts when they are not ready, instead they can wait in the lobby until the next race
Improved prediction of remote cars in multiplayer games
Simple cheat detection added for modified data and known hacks
The list of multiplayer games extended to show 100 games instead of 25
Only one kick vote can be initiated per race for the same player
Return to the list of multiplayer games when you exit the lobby and have previously been searching for a game
The draw distance for dynamic objects increased
Aspect ratio option added, widescreen support
Manual gearbox option added
Userdata added to network objects that can be used when making game modifications
New command line options added (see below, in COMMAND LINE OPTIONS)


Black/White screen at the start of races. It's unsure if this is fixed or not, as an effect of some of the other fixes.
Sound issues with Creative sound cards. Use the WaveOut option in the game configuration to work around this problem.
Engine sound too low in some cases. WaveOut might fix this problem too.
Game freezes in mini-games with AMD dual core processors.
Install the following fix: http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/TechnicalResources/0,,30_182_871_13118,00.html


The following command line options added:

WARNING: These command line options are not officially supported.

[ { -join= { matchname | ip[:port] } } |
{ -host[=matchname [-num_players=number_of_initial_players] ] }
[-lan] ]



[-public_addr=ip[:port] ]






Joins a game, either matching the matchname or the ip:port combination. If the game is a Gamespy game then the ip:port should be the public ports as registered on the Gamespy master server. If the game is a LAN game, then the ip:port combination could be any combination that would reach the host, preferably the private address on the same subnet. Matchname only works for Gamespy games.


Creates a game on either the Gamespy master or on LAN, depending on whether the -lan parameter is specified. If a matchname is specified, the game will be joinable by a matching -join=matchname. Otherwise an ip:port combination has to be specified when joining. Matchname only
works for Gamespy games.


An optional parameter for -host=matchname. Normally when a game is created with that option it will not be publicly visible and joinable until one minute has expired. The only way to join it before that timeout is to specify -join=matchname. -num_players can make the timeout expire faster. If you specify this option, then the game will be publicly visible as soon as number_of_initial_players has joined
the game.


Specifies that you will join or create a LAN game instead of a Gamespy one.


If this is specified, then only games that are created by a matching password will be visible and joinable. Games created when this option is set will be created with the password. The password option can be specified both when joining and creating from command line or when creating and joining the game normally.


Automatically selects a profile at game start. If the profile doesn't exist or is invalid, then the user has to choose the profile manually.


Can be used if you know your public address and port. Normally it shouldn't be necessary to specify this explicitly, but it can be used when joining LAN games, and port forward is enabled on the router, so that you know your public address. This option should be specified on LAN games, if the host is on the same subnet as a joiner and someone outside wants to join. Without this parameter the joiner inside the LAN and the joiner outside the LAN might not be able to communicate directly. Another case where this might be needed is if you have more than three IP addresses on the machine. This option is most useful for LAN games, as Gamespy games most likely will be able to connect anyway, however it might speed up the joining.


Forces the game to report this private address to other players. The game will automatically detect up to four IP addresses, but if you have more than that, then you might not be able to communicate with players on a subnet of an IP that isn't detected. Specifying -private_addr will force the game to put that IP first in the list. This option is most useful for LAN games, as Gamespy games most likely will be able to connect anyway, however it might speed up the joining.


Specifies the amount of time to try to join a game from command line. After this time expires, the user is given the option to retry or quit. The default is 30 seconds.


Specifies how often a new search will be done when joining a Gamespy game from the command line. The default is to do a search every 5 seconds. Dont set this option too small or it might overload the
Gamespy servers.


Writes the game results of every multiplayer game into an xml file in the savegame folder.