Weird Worlds: Return To Infinite Space v1.2 Patch
new: another "main quest" with a new race added
new: randomize Tan Ru speech
new: tweaked alien fleet settings
new: a new Urluquai ship
new: cleaner mission selection buttons
new: better nebula/starfield background
new: prettier missile trails
new: fanfare when Kawangi destroyed in combat
new: big throbbing indicator when passing time
new: command line option to skip launcher (-skiplauncher)
new: command line option to enable debug messages (-verbose)
new: command line option to select OpenAL audio driver (-audiodriver)

fix: passing time is dangerous (doesn't stop on some popups)
fix: hire button makes no sound
fix: Kawangi destroy Glory, game ends before we see it blow up
fix: non-stardrive fighters slow down flotilla
fix: hit space on "incoming aliens", cause a crash
fix: radar screen inits twice on "incoming aliens"
fix: enemies "escape" too quickly when disabled by long range fire
fix: weaponless enemies don't always flee
fix: fighters stop to fire at cap ships, very dangerous!
fix: quit popup should toggle when hit ESC again
fix: cloak/decloak button doesn't update on hotkey
fix: ESCing out of F1 screen or timer breaks Engage
fix: Esmerelda spelled inconsistently
fix: combat sim doesn't end on quit if paused
fix: can use Klak beacon as payment and cancel with no penalty
fix: ships leap forward in intro combat
fix: gong attacks own ship if enemy is burning
fix: gong a spacehulk, can see it heal in top right screen
fix: unfriendly to multi-tasking (uses 100% CPU)
fix: sitting on collapser when it goes off breaks interface
fix: should wait when killed by collapser, until effect is done
fix: after getting damocles, can't mirror into system
fix: can swap out a structural system (just not "uninstall")
fix: low-resolution scrolling cargo window gets stuck
fix: can get stuck at a black hole by using an item-giving device
fix: slow ships being dragged in formation

MOD-related changes:

new: reintroduce strings.ini (no more hardcoded strings)
new: introduce numbers.ini to modify global numbers
new: allow modifying GUI colors (tacked on strings.ini)
new: allow pushing game time limit further by quest command (ADDT)
new: way to set explosion/burn effects and sounds per hull
new: allow changing fighter launch sound (SOND in system ini)
new: increase max number of weapon stages?
new: increase max number of planet types!!!
new: increase max number of quests!!!!
new: charge-up effects (see nova cannon in "superpirate")
new: make it possible to create new alien fleets while ingame?
new: a way to make fighterbays launch "squads"
new: can prevent a star type from being random-generated (FLAG nogen)
new: alternative x y a speeds for weapon stages with randomizing
new: define planet name in quest, or use typename if set to "norename"
new: remove installed systems in quest (REMI/REMA commands)
new: remove player/ally ships (REMS command). handle with extreme caution!

fix: if no "FLAG mainquest" quests the game will crash.
fix: crash on guided missiles targeting other missiles
fix: hangs if not enough random races (should be more gentle!)
fix: TPOS quest command fails badly if not on first page
fix: slow-firing fighter bays wait too long before first launch
fix: guns the same way.. should start combat in "ready" state?
fix: saboteur doesn't work in popup quests
fix: large maps hang if not enough random items (untested)
fix: can't remove passengers with REMV command (untested)

For information about modding Weird Worlds, including the v1.2 changes, visit The Modmaker's Guide to the Galaxy website at