Sauerbraten Free Full Game (GUI Edition)
* added 'particletext' var for toggling particle text
* alias arguments now set by 'push' on execution, and restored by 'pop' after
* added 'push' and 'pop' commands for saving and restoring aliases
* glass reflection using environment maps
* added environment map entities (created by "newent envmap") for reflecting geometry
* added S3 texture compression support (controlled by "mintexcompresssize" var)
* added Gregor's new texture set and map, and many other new maps/media
* added heightmaps for most existing normalmapped textures, so we can have parallax on everything
* added scripting documentation for the rpg
* model rendering code now automatically generates triangle strips for both md2s and md3s
* added workaround for garbage in skybox on ATI cards (must be enabled explicitly by "/ati_skybox_bug 1" if necessary)
* fixed lighting bug in fixed-function mode that caused textures to saturate
* made selections solid. you can still use 'passthrough' to suppress it
* changed some default editing key bindings. right mouse is now the 'editextend' command, B is now change brush, Alt is now passthrough
* added multiple entity selection.
* added boolean operators to cubescript: &&(and), ||(or), ^(xor), !(not)
* exposed selecting to cube script. see "entselect, moving, dragging, entmoving" and related commands. ex: KP_Enter selects entity's within selection, etc.
* added a bunch of new editing commands to seperate much of the entity and cube commands in engine. overloading behaviours is now left to scripts. see data/stdedit.cfg
* new gui/menu system
* added surface merging that drastically reduces world geometry (done on remip/calclight)
* teams now automatically selected on any team mode by server
* added support for md3 vweps
* default enemy ogro skin is now always red (teammates always blue)
* added progress meters for base captures
* server will now pick map with most pending votes (if possible) at the end of a match
* reflections now use occlusion queries instead of distance check
* changed geometry rendering to use triangles instead of quads (consistent subdivision on all platforms)
* "newmap" is now synchronized across all clients in coopedit
* revised networking code to better utilize enet (less lag and bandwidth usage)