Nexuiz v2.2.1
- new Nexus skin - the old one had too much red and was confusing in team matches
- back to original Carni model (2.1's was badly centered when walking and
became harder to hit)
- two new crosshairs, added crosshair alpha setting to menu
- new shotgun model
- new MG model
- new armor/health models and HUD (thanks to tZork and Morphed)
- cells now stand on the floor instead of floating in the air for consistency
- MG muzzle flash now attached th the player, won't lag behind him
- CTF flag now attached to the player, won't lag behind him
- scr_stipple: if v_psycho doesn't hurt your eyes enough, try this:
r_showsurfaces 1; vid_vsync 1; scr_stipple 18; vid_restart
- tChr's grenade bounce sounds
- two new crosshair images

Features for players:
- support for multiple campaigns
- con_closeontoggleconsole: for our Americans who want to bind the console to `, also set this so you can close the console with the key again
- replaced single-image + wav video capture by AVI video capture
- Nex settings for minstagib and regular gameplay now have separate cvars
- FTEQW compatibility (FTEQW still crashes on the .spr files but after deleting them it will work)
- event log now contains chat bubble status to log typekills
- separate chat area; voting also appears there for better visibility
- new chat macro %p - player you last pointed at (that is, whose name was shown)
- auto team selection now chooses the lowest scoring team in case of equal player counts
- the server's map list can be shown using "cmd maplist"
- added support for external server browser bot detection (ping = 0 for bots only)

Features for servers:
- g_maplist_selectrandom is now DEPRECATED in favor of g_maplist_shuffle
- g_maplist_shuffle: new method to select maps, this doesn't select the map uniformly, but prefers maps that haven't been played for a while (the value of this cvar tunes this bias a bit, the larger, the higher - so the limit for the cvar value to infinity is unrandomized selection, and the limit for the cvar value to zero is uniformly random selection)
- map list editing commands for the dedicated server console: g_maplist_add,
g_maplist_remove and g_maplist_shufflenow

Features for mappers:
- ammo/armor pickup amount can now be overridden my mappers
- multiple worldspawns cause very weird log output, catching this error now so mappers have a way to detect it
- added support for Q3 CTF entities
- new entities: func_rain, func_snow
- support for animmap shaders

- default download speed increased because of large map downloads
- increased Nex reload time for more even weapon balance, also reduced damage slightly

- waypoints for runningman
- fixed exit_cfg execution
- fixed telefrags in team games - now the telefragger isn't punished for that
- fixed armor "generation"
- fixed frag redistribution on forced team change
- fixed clientcommands remote console command injection
- fixed negative score after team change
- fixed sv_autoscreenshot
- disabled fbskins in team games (to prevent blue players from appearing in red)
- increased network timeouts to prevent disconnects when havocbots take long to link their waypoints
- made the auto button in the team select menu the default button
- fixed crash in curl --cancel
- fixed fake players DoS
- fixed deluxemapping detection to get rid of black surfaces on some maps
- removed annoying debug print in LMS
- fixed LMS
- increased version at top of this file