FIFA Manager 07 Patch #1

Please make sure that you install the correct language and that you make sure to install the patch for a DVD version if you have installed the game on your computer from DVD. If you have downloaded your version of the game from EA Link, please make sure that you install a DD (digital download) version of the patch. If you install a wrong version, your game will not run anymore. In this case please simply install the correct version of the patch.

If you have edited data with the data editor, we recommend saving not the entire database as told during the installation, but just all your countryXXX.sav files and the countries.sav. After you have copied your data back, please do not forget to start the data editor again and to export your database. This makes sure that your data is really used by the game.

The patch solves the following issues:
Removed rare crash on saving game
Removed rare crash on opening scout reports
Removed logic flaws and unfinished sequences in text mode
Reduced number of fan chants in text mode
Yellow cards do not have so much influence on rating
Better rating for defenders
Player rating does not change after substitutions
Corrected minutes played after red card in player career
Fixed rare crash due to ball physics in 3D match
Correct display of energy in 3D match
Correct undo of substitutions in 3D match
Improved game speed “Weekly Progress”
Training camps can now be booked over unscheduled qualification rounds
Congrats screen after promotion from lower leagues
No easy transfer after low second offer anymore
Correct indication of matches for reserve team in stats details
Removed problems with free-agents
Corrected minutes without goals (conceded)
Youth team is displayed in news messages
Players who do not play are not shown in The Duel
Corrected some problems with team colours in the menu system
Removed duplicate sponsors
Line graph in Home screen now functions correctly
Opinion of the board now takes into account reserve teams
No teams with rating of 0 in Found a Club mode
Functional contract clause on offer from higher league
Correct recovery after an injury
Players can now gain Hero status during game
Removed irregular news messages after player ban
Duration of pause after goals in teletext is now uniform
Fixed some cup draw comments
Loading bar is not stuck at ¾ anymore
Fixed some comments in manager biography
Updated player salaries
Fixed some colour problems in text mode
Not possible to give orders to opponent players anymore
Corrected some faulty messages on Internet page
Fixed some minor bugs in private life
Mail problem with children going to wrong school
Fixed a number of minor bugs
- Various old typos in English and German
- Changed four probabilities for actions in text mode (own goals, referee)
- Some issues with the personal records on the career screen
- Corrected some design and content issues in the statistics (missing tooltips, alignment)

After installing the patch you can continue with your existing save games.