Heat of Battle v2.0
Codebase ported to use United Offensive.
Maps that support the UO "Domination" gametype are usable within the HoB gametype.
The sprinting added by HoB in v1.0 has been removed and replaced with sprinting built into UO.
The grenade priming added by HoB has been removed and replaced with the grenade priming built into UO.
UO provided vehicles can be used.
Player HUD reworked to support vehicles, stance indicator, remove HoB stamina bar, etc.
The M1A1 Carbine has been added to the British arsenal for gameplay balance reasons. The M1A1 Carbine was chosen as the Special Air Service (SAS) started using the M1A1 in 1943 and it was therefore considered the most historically accurate option.
UO provided light machine guns added to the support gun category.
Most new UO provided weapons used:
Crosshairs removed from all non-vehicle mounted weapons.
HoB Russian SVT40 retained.
HoB American BAR retained with the ability to deploy by changing weapon modes in a deployable spot (indicator appears in lower right).
HoB German Gewehr 43 model, skin, and animation replaced with UO g43.
British and Russians get the UO provided Webley and TT33 pistols.
Riflemen are issued smoke grenades.
British StenMkII has been replaced with the StenMkII (Silenced).
Grenades use the UO method of priming and can no longer be 'unprimed'.
All of the weapons new to UO have had their damage and speed brought into line with the existing HoB weapons.
Mounted heavy machine guns all now have heat applied.
The German MP44 uses the UO skin.
Quickchat menus expanded to include the UO provided sounds.
All teams now have a capture sound.
Server start menu adjusted.
Voting tab shows when servers have enabled voting and is hidden when voting is not enabled.