Alien Arena 2007 v6.04
1. Fixed issues with team balancing when autojoining a team.

2. Fixed issues of connections stalling when crossing over an IPX network in net path to servers.

3. Fixed bug with spawn points in team games with maps that were missing info_intermission.

4. Fixed issues with mouse settings in menu(i.e "inverted mouse").

5. Reorganized portions of the menu. Player setup now under "options", removed unused options.

6. Added ability to add up to 32 custom font sets(in the data1/fonts folder). These can all be selected from the menu, and 2 new font sets are included in the patch.

7. Added custom map support in the menu. Custom maps now appear at the end of the list in each game type, ala Q3.

8. Added 11 new maps - dm-violator, dm-vesuvius, dm-crucible, dm-babel, ctf-chromium, ctf-vesuvius, ctf-icarus, db-chromium, db-vesuvius, db-iccarus, aoa-morpheus. Many of these replace older maps that are removed from the installation.

9. Added team support to Deathball.

10. Improved messaging during deathball to make it easier to know who has the ball and what is going on.

11. Changed the deathball's appearance.

12. Changed the scoring in TCA, so that turning off and re-enabling power nodes adds to player's scores.

13. Improved teleport particle effect dramatically.

14. Moved mutators into a submenu, so that they can be combined easily for simple server setup.

15. In linux, the script now automatically detects architecture and executes the correct binaries for it(x86 vs x86_64).

16. Galaxy 2.0 - now with much better GUI, faster refresh times.