Eternal Silence v2.3 Beta
[FIX] - Changed default controls
[FIX] - Bindpanel now copies default controls appropriately on first run
[FIX] - Cleaned up infantry HUD rendering code for performance
[FIX] - Fastswitch is now the default weapon selection method
[FIX] - Hacker turret now switches entire player view, no longer small screen
[FIX] - SMG ammo counts now display on hackbox when turret is deployed
[FIX] - Hacker turret now properly attributes kills
[FIX] - Hacker turret no longer damages friendlies with FF off
[FIX] - Extra network optimizations on bullet events
[FIX] - Swarm Missiles now more swarmy
[FIX] - Shrunk down weapon list in space
[FIX] - Player_hurt events are no longer broadcast to the entire server
[FIX] - Weapon list not displayed when it is empty
[FIX] - Fixed overlapping of throttle text with "AUTO" and "FREE"
[FIX] - Fixed reload sound on NGM Tank Buster
[FIX] - Removed distance from player and subsystem waypoints
[ADD] - New icon for Locked Subsystems
[ADD] - Message on capture bar for Locked Subsystems
[ADD] - Tank buster now has ion beam visuals
[ADD] - Removed subsystem list on bottom left.
[ADD] - Minimap with subsystems and local player displayed
[ADD] - Enemies no longer have IFF Boxes in Infantry, only friendlies
[ADD] - Passenger HUD Element now displays name and seat number
[ADD] - Requisition rate now displayed next to requisition number
[ADD] - Ships now gib once destroyed.
[ADD] - External Subsystems now have voice warnings for attack and destroyed
[ADD] - Capship indicators for other capital ships in the map
[ADD] - New icons for external subsystems.
[ADD] - Armor guy will now glow when player is being healed
[ADD] - Medics now have pinkish boxes around them to distinguish them from regular soldiers
[ADD] - New Map: ngm_aethra with revised layout by Moconnor.
[ADD] - ngm_destroyer layout revised.
[BAL] - 4x damage multiplier for tank busters vs. ships
[BAL] - 4x damage multiplier for ion bombs vs. ships
[BAL] - 1.5x damage increase for ion beam vs. ships