Commander Doom v1.2
Commander Doom 1.2 - 3/5/07

Leif Dehmelt --


-a Windows based PC capable to run standard Doom3.
-Doom3 full version 1.3.1

To run:

-copy contents into Doom3 folder
-double click commander_doom.bat
-choose one of the maps
-enjoy the game!


What's new in v1.2:

-a new map called "The Maze"

-a new allied unit: the jetpack-equipped, rocket-blasting fatty

-improved GUIs

-improved enemy and ally AI

-support for Doom3 version 1.3.1

What's new in v1.1:

-musical score.

-improved GUIs

-improved tactical control

-improved enemy AI

-additional custom sounds

-less predictable and more coordinated enemy spawning

-improved 'center heat' map

-new 'control room' map

-many cosmetic fixes


An all-out war broke out in hell, and you, COMMANDER DOOM are
right in the middle of it! Will you and your demonic hellspawn
send the diabolic bastards into oblivion?

Gameplay instructions:

You can choose from four different maps with four different
difficulty settings. MAP1: Opposing Bases is much easier to
beat from a strategic point of view. MAP2: Center Heat is
tough to beat even on normal difficulty and requires more
optimized strategic thinking. MAP3: Control Room confines you
into a Room overlooking the battle - you cannot directly
engage in the fight, and you are completely dependent on your
tactical skills. It's a prtty tough map to beat... MAP4: The
Maze is set out in an underground bunker system and requires
your tactical skill as well as quick reactions on the field.

A game of Commander Doom starts at your base, from which you
can summon demons to fight in your cause. In order to spawn
allied demons, you need to capture control points, which are
distributed across the map. You can use a little radar on the
HUD to orient yourself among the control points, bases,
enemies and allies.

Capturing control points earns you increased flux of credits,
which can be used to buy upgrades. Control points can only be
captured, if no emeny units are nearby. Press TAB to reach the
tech tree, which offers various units and weapons, as well as
base extensions and allied units. To buy a base extension,
click on the corresponding double arrow in the tech tree. The
upgrade will reveal additional units in the tech tree
interface. To buy units/weapons click on the corresponding

By pressing the 't' button, you can enter the tactical screen,
which allows you to command your troops to selected targets.
Three basic functions are accessible through the radar screen:

1) attack monster: click on your fighter and then on the
monster you want to attack.

2) capture control point: click on your fighter and then on
the control point - the fighter capture the point and will
move on afterwards and seek new objectives on it's own.

3) guard control point: click on the fighter and then on a
control point you already own - the fighter will stay at
that point and will only attack, if attacked itself, or
if an enemy gets too close to the control point.

On the right side of the radar, you can find additional
information about the selected unit and you can also change
the general behavior of that unit to focus more on attacking
enemies, capturing control or having a more balanced behavior.

The goal of MAP1 and MAP4 is to destroy all enemy bases. To
destroy the enemy base, you will need to locate the generators,
and destroy them (make sure to hit the generators at their
weak spot). The generators are usually guarded by machinegun
turrets. The enemy turrets can be destroyed, but they respawn
after a given delay.

The goal of MAP2 and MAP3 is to control all 6 control points
for at least 60 seconds. In these maps, the base generators
can still be destroyed, but they are much less vulnerable and
better protected.

Building units needs to be planned carefully. Only one unit
(turret, ally, base extension, etc.) can be built at a time.
Successful assault of the enemy base requires a well balanced
and well timed combination of units and powerups.

If you get killed, or if all control points are held by your
opponent for 60sec, you loose the game. If your opponent
destroys your main base, you cannot spawn any additional
allies or upgrades. If you hold all control points for 60sec
you recieve a megahealth powerup.

Control summary:

'Q' : buy medkit
'E' : buy ammo for current weapon (price varies with weapon

'TAB': enter tech tree/upgrades interface
'T' : enter tactical interface
'Y' : toggle between tech tree and tactical interfaces

Instructions for Mappers:

-the worldspawn entity must contain the entry 'datafile',
which points to a set of definition files containing map
specific properties, such as enemy units and spawning
frequency or unit costs. Four different definition files
with an appended number corresponding to the difficulty
(0,1,2 or 3) must be present for each map.

-the map must contain the following standard entities

the homebase:

"classname" "func_homebase"
"name" "home_base_attractor"

the positions of homebase extensions:

"classname" "func_static"
"name" "player_extspawn1"

the position of ally spawning:

"classname" "func_static"
"name" "player_spawn"

the position of ally turret spawning:

"classname" "func_static"
"name" "player_towerspawn1"

the enemy bases:

"classname" "func_enemybase"
"name" "enemy_base_1_attractor"

the position of enemy spawning:

"classname" "func_static"
"name" "enemy_spawn1"

the position of enemy turret spawning:

"classname" "func_static"
"name" "monster_towerspawn1"

the position of control points:

"classname" "func_static"
"name" "control1"

... more sequentially named entities can be placed - the
total number must confirm with the number setup in the
datafile definition.


a) For proper AI movements, any models should be filled with
world geometry as close to the model surface as possible,
otherwise monsters will try to shoot through them.

b) vis_portals in func_doors blocked the AI movement towards
beacons (not towards enemies though) making the AI very
inefficient. Vis_portals next to door were fine though and
still able to block off the hidden geometry.

c) I tried some alternative ways to spawn enemies on
func_movers to avoid having them appear out of nowhere, but
anything else than spawning enemies on worldspawn kept them
from efficient pathfinding.

d) in the current version, the performance bottleneck is the
number of certain monsters and fighters. Soldiers are the most
performance hungry entities, followed by imps, which are a bit
lighter. Maggots and Morgue zombies are pretty light and can
be spawned in larger numbers. Keep this in mind if you edit
the monster spawning probabilities.

Please contact me, if you wish assistance for making a map for
this mod.


-The lifebar gui and programming were done by SnoopJedi

-All other aspects of gameplay and mapping were done by

-musical score is from