Genesis Rising: The Universal Crusade Demo
Game Summary

Three thousand years in the distant future after what was believed to be the arrival of “The Savior,” mankind has carved a bloody path across the known Universe. Considering themselves a divine race and beyond reproach as a species, they view all alien races as inferior. Those that do not bend and acknowledge the infinite superiority of the Human genome are subsequently punished or simply destroyed. The dominion of the Human race was ensured by Organids – genetically designed organic machines, easily adaptable to any enemy strategy.

Take on the role of Captain Iconah, a battle-hardened fleet commander and a brilliant genetic designer, as you control a fleet of fully customizable organic ships in an attempt to conquer the last region of the galaxy - the Universal Heart, an enigmatic entity that spawned all life and matter in the universe. At least that’s what the Human’s believe…

This Single Player Demo includes 2 playable Single Player Missions: Scattered Remains and Sacrifice, drawing players into this stunning, yet hostile universe that will surely leave RTS fans craving for more. Customize your gene-based Organid ships, with over 50 different weapons and abilities to choose from, as you battle alien races in these visually distinctive levels.

Genesis Rising is original and fast-paced. Featuring the best elements of strategy and RPG games, players will be immersed into a rich back story and drawn into an epic crusade that they won’t soon forget…

The title has a PEGI rating of ‘12+’ in Europe. For further information, please visit the official website at