Anno 1701 v1.02 Patch
1. New Quest reward: Ship
A new (rare) trader assignment was added which allows players to receive as Asian cargo junk as a reward.

2. Maximum Trade route count raised
The number of Trade routes was raised from 20 to 50.

3. Guests of Honor repeat invitations
With the exception of the Queen, all Guests of Honor may now be invited repeatedly (after a corresponding cool-down period). The price of the Key to the City has been increased as a result.

4. Pirate Treasure
Players receive a pirate treasure when they destroy the pirate’s landmark.

5. Total Time Played display
The tool tip beside the hourglass will now display the total playing time fort he current player profile in addition to the time played this sitting.

6. Permanent increase in game speed
Playing speed can now be toggled between a permanently higher speed and normal speed using a configurable keyboard shortcut.

7. Maintenance cost display
The tool tips for buildings and components in the construction menu now show the expected maintenance costs as well as the construction costs.

8. Platinum medals
Platinum has now been added to provide 4 levels of medals.
Time medal: Platinum for 750 hours of ANNO with this profile
Population medal: Platinum for 25,000 inhabitants at the "Difficult" level of difficulty. Treasury medal: Platinum for 999,999 Gold coins at the "Difficult" level of difficulty.
Colonial goods medal: Platinum for 600 tons of one of the four Colonial Goods in any one of the player’s warehouses at the "Difficult" level of difficulty.
9. Extended maximum wealth
The new gold coin limit has been set to 999,999,999 Gold.

10. Add ship to route simplified
If a ship has been selected when the strategy map is opened it can be added to a route by simultaneously holding the SHIFT key and left-clicking the desired route.

11. Multiple upgrade
When a house’s upgrade button is left-clicked, all of the player’s upgradeable houses of the same level on that island can be upgraded at the same time simply by holding the SHIFT key down. All upgradeable buildings such as Market buildings, Towers and Mines can also use this multiple upgrade technique. This technique can also be used to reforest/plant farms and plantations.

12. „Reset“ Function
Keyboard layouts can now be reset to the default values using a “Reset” button.

Bug fixes & Balancing:

The Iroquois storm has been weakened
The Tornados path now varies a little more
Players can now supplant computer opponents as fraternization partner for Foreign cultures
Pirate ships are now somewhat more powerful
There are no more incorrect trade route messages when a dock is upgraded to a warehouse
Previous AI names are no longer replaced by new AI names when a multi-player game is loaded from the lobby.
The Queen’s fleet now fights the same as those of the other CCPs
Mistaken activation of the chat window no longer possible when the interface has been deactivated
A rare problem which occurred in the village centre during Guest of Honor visits was fixed
If a patrol point is not accessible the patrolling units no longer simply stop on the path to it
Military units no longer stand “inside“ one another at the meeting point
Plague effects visible on houses
Opening the in-game menu using ESC automatically pauses the game
It is no longer possible to give Foreign cultures or AIs gifts of money if the player has a negative balance
The selection of AI profiles now always reflects the chosen level of difficulty
With fewer than 4 human players (when „Start with Warehouse“ is activated) no players have to start the game on a volcanic island
The game no longer starts in Multiplayer if the client has lost the connection
Researching the Translator now reduces the prices for Foreign culture goods
Fellow players’ city names are now still shown in Multiplayer when one of their Market buildings is clicked after their warehouse has been destroyed
Bishops and Itinerant preachers no longer have the same audio files
The pirate island can now be settled once Ramirez has been destroyed. Ramirez no longer builds new warehouses
Hedges are no longer invisible once an old game save has been loaded
No friendly audio messages are now played when players click a fellow player’s portrait in the Diplomacy menu when the two are at war with one another
The "Large sail" research now has the promised effects
When a player reaches independence the points are no longer assigned to all players including the AI players
A rare problem with the scroll bars has been fixed
Independence can now be reached with Guests of Honor deactivated
ESC no longer opens the Options menu when the statistics screen is displayed
Game name and password are now also correctly shown for direct LAN connections
The hourglass no longer covers up text
A few small inconsistencies in the keyboard layout were corrected
The colors of the Stonemason’s area of influence have been corrected
Tributes paid to the Queen are now always deducted properly
Connection to Multiplayer games with custom maps now only possible when all players have the same map
The patch version number is now correctly displayed in the main menu
Once a scenario has been successfully completed a medal appears after the scenario’s name
Scenario: „Curse of the Monkey God“ – The Monkey God treasure no longer disappears when a saved game is loaded
A number of problems with savegame sizes were fixed
A number of orthographic mistakes were corrected
Numerous changes were made to the AI in order to improve AI behavior
A rare problem which sometimes prevented players from chatting over a direct connection in a Multiplayer game